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Affiliate Programming

Interested in WODprep's Affiliate Programming?

The goal of the WODprep Affiliate Experience is to help affiliates reach their full potential and better serve their communities. Starting with the basics of programming, coaching, and running a class, we will help you and your coaches provide the “best hour of the day” to your clients. 

The programming provided allows time to build sound mechanics in gymnastics and weightlifting for beginners, while challenging more seasoned athletes to push their efficiency and intensity. This skill based approach is coupled with high intensity workouts that will allow your athletes to improve their metabolic conditioning in a safe and effective environment.

Our coaching development starts with teaching coaches the basics of becoming a professional coach.  Customized to you based off your feedback, we will help you build a team that communicates effectively, works together, and connects with the clients every time they step on the floor.

Ensuring your class starts, ends and flows in a timely manner is essential to providing a quality service to your clients. Daily videos will be provided to your coaches explaining the workout of the day, scaling, and logistics to help them run smooth and consistent classes from open to close. 

This service is NOT for Affiliates that:

X Expect a program that is only filled with high skilled, fancy CrossFit Games type workouts.

X Have the major focus on CrossFit as a Sport and only want to produce Games-Level Athletes

X Are uninterested in learning and developing as coach.

X Do not plan on actively coaching classes and would rather start and stop a clock.

If you are willing to learn, ask questions, and work hand in hand with the WODprep Team, there is no doubt we can help make your Affiliate the best it can be!

Please complete the application below if you'd like a member of the WODprep Affiliate Team to contact you.