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Week 4! 

20.4 CrossFit workout is live, and we have a long, heavy chipper on our hands. And - another new movement! 

Take a look: 

20.4 CrossFit

20.4 CrossFit: Quick Tips 

At the end of the day, it's either going to be the heavier clean and jerks or the pistols that slow you down. 

This workout is long enough that you're going to eventually get to a barbell that stops you. So a key here is to try to conserve your energy enough to still be able to execute on the reps that are heavy for you. 

20.4 CrossFit Open: Clean & Jerks

At the lighter weight bars, stick with power cleans into a quick jerk. As the barbell starts to get heavier, try switching to a split jerk if that's easier for you.

For the heaviest barbells, depending on what you're stronger at (squat vs. power) switch to what will give yourself the best shot.

And of course, use a hook grip.

20.4 CrossFit: The Pistols

So, one-legged squats decided to finally make their first Open appearance. 

If you can't do pistols - now is the time to learn. 

I'll cover way more pistol pointers in our strategy video that will be live in a few hours - but in the meantime, check out this video that we have on pistols and the 'step-in' technique - and start practicing for CrossFit 20.4.

Open 20.4: Box Jumps

Listen up - I'm not a fan of rebounding box jumps. I'm specifically looking at you, Masters Athletes. 

Be smart, and be safe. It's typically not worth the risk of rebounding - instead, step down. If you need to you can even step up and step down. 

You can jump up and step down. Head here if you need some box jump tips before CrossFit Open 20.4.

20.4 Workout Equipment

  • Tape your thumbs.
  • Have a belt ready for the heavier weights.
  • Use knee sleeves if you have them.
  • Wear lifting shoes.

Missed out on CrossFit Open 20.3? Here's our full strategy guide.

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  • The tip to step into the pistols really helped. Never been able to get pistols before, but I was able to get through the first round of 30 pistols and get back to the bar. Thanks!

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