2023 CrossFit Open Quarterfinals Workouts & Standards

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2023 quarterfinals crossfit open crossovers workouts and standards

You've made it to the quarterfinals? WELL DONE! That's a massive achievement and you should be so proud of yourself. Now that the workouts have been released, here's everything you need to know about the workouts and the movements standards.

Workout 1

Workout 2

Workout 3

Workout 4

Workout 5

Quarterfinals Workout 1

Time cap: 15 minutes

9 Front squats, weight 1 (heaviest)

9 Handstand walks, 25 feet

15 Front squats, weight 2

15 Muscle-ups

21 Front squats, weight 3 (lightest)

21 Chest-to-wall handstand push-ups

♀ 155, 125, 95 lb
♂ 225, 185, 135 lb

You can view the floor plan here.

Quarterfinals Workout 1 Standard

  • The bar must be taken from the floor — squat racks are NOT allowed.
  • The bar rests on the athlete’s shoulders in the front-rack position
  • A full squat clean is allowed when the bar is taken from the floor.
  • Athletes MAY have assistance changing loads between rounds OR may set up multiple bars.

  • When kicking up, your hands (including your fingers) must be placed on the ground BEHIND the line.
  • Placing your hands or fingers on or over the line when kicking up constitutes a no rep.
  • Both hands, including palms and fingers, must touch the ground completely clear of the line marking the end of the length before the feet touch the ground.
  • If at any time the athlete comes down from their hands before finishing the length, they must repeat the entire length.


  • Athletes must face the camera during the muscle-up.
  • Athletes must begin each rep hanging from the rings with arms fully extended and feet off the ground. 
  • Reaching lockout while pushing or falling away from the rings will not count. 

  • Any portion of both of the athlete’s hands may be touching the line (fingers OK).
  • The athlete must start with the chest and thighs touching the floor before moving to the lockout position. 
  • If the athlete comes down from the wall at any time, they start again from the floor before beginning the next rep.
  • The legs must remain straight throughout the repetition.
  • Each rep begins and ends with the athlete in the lockout position with the toes against the wall, arms fully extended, and shoulders in line with the body.
  • The feet do not need to remain in contact with the wall for the duration of the movement, but the feet must return to the wall at the beginning and end of each rep.

Quarterfinals Workout 2

12-minute AMRAP:

8 Dumbbell snatches, arm 1
8 Overhead walking-lunge steps, arm 1
8 Dumbbell snatches, arm 2
8 Overhead walking-lunge steps, arm 2
40 Crossovers

♀ 50 lb
♂ 70 lb

You can view the floor plan here.

Quarterfinals Workout 2 Standard

  • Athletes must complete all 8 repetitions with the same arm.
  • The non-lifting hand or arm may NOT make contact with the legs or other parts of the body during the repetition.
  • Athletes may not receive assistance moving or resetting the dumbbell.

  • A full grip around the handle of the dumbbell must be maintained for the duration of the lunge.
  • Resting the head of the dumbbell in the hand is NOT allowed.
  • The trailing knee must make contact with the ground at the bottom of each lunge before returning to full hip and leg extension.
  • The athlete must alternate which foot leads for each rep.
  • Stopping with both feet together at the top of each rep is not required, but both legs must be fully extended if the athlete chooses to step through at the top.

  • The rope passes under the feet once for each jump.
  • A two-foot take off and landing is required (no speed-steps).
  • A rep will be counted every time there is a change from hands crossed to hands uncrossed, or vice versa, AND the rope successfully passes under the feet.

Quarterfinals Workout 3

Time cap: 10 minutes

5 Rounds for time:
5 Burpee box jump-overs
1 Clean and jerk

*Add 1 clean and jerk after each round.

♀ 185-lb clean and jerks, 24-in box
♂ 275-lb clean and jerks, 30-in box

You can view the floor plans here.

Quarterfinals Workout 3 Standard

  • The burpee box jump-over starts with the athlete facing the box while touching their chest and thighs to the ground, and finishes with the athlete jumping over the box.
  • A two-foot takeoff is always required, and only the athlete’s feet may touch the box.
  • After landing on the box, the athlete may jump or step off to the other side.
  • There is no requirement to stand tall while on top of the box.
  • Alternatively, the athlete may jump completely over the box.
  • If jumping over the box, the feet must pass over the box, not around it, and the athlete must use a two-foot landing.

  • Stepping on the line or allowing the bumper plates to touch the line will result in that repetition not counting.
  • Power, squat, and split cleans are permitted.
  • You do NOT need to reach full extension of the hips and legs in the receiving position of the clean before beginning the overhead lift.
  • Any style of overhead lift is acceptable (press, push press, or jerk)

Quarterfinals Workout 4

20-minute AMRAP:

1,000-meter row
50 GHD sit-ups
500-meter row
25 V-ups

You can view the floor plan here.

Quarterfinals Workout 4 Standard

  • The monitor must be clearly visible in your video.
  • You may receive assistance resetting the rower.
  • You must remain seated with your hands on the handle until the monitor reads the designated distance during each round.
  • Begin and end each rep seated on GHD with both hands touching the foot pads.
    NOTE: The first repetition MUST include a touch of the foot pads with both hands before descending.
  • You must touch the ground or designated riser with both hands before returning to the seated position.
  • If you are using a GHD that EXCEEDS the height requirement, you may touch an elevated target that creates the correct distance
  • Each rep begins with:
    • The feet together.
    • Both feet touching the ground.
    • Both hands touching the ground above the athlete’s head (there is no requirement for the arms to remain extended).
  • The torso and the legs must leave the ground at the same time
  • Each rep is credited when:
    •  Both hands touch the feet at the same time.
    • The feet are together.
    • The toes are above the top of the athlete’s head.
  • If the athlete’s knees bend incidentally, the toes must remain clearly above the height of the head when the touch occurs.

Quarterfinals Workout 5

Time cap: 15 minutes

21 Deadlifts, weight 1 (lightest)

21 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

15 Deadlifts, weight 2

15 Bar muscle-ups

9 Deadlifts, weight 3 (heaviest)

9 Rope climbs, 15 ft

♀ 155, 185, 205 lb
♂ 225, 275, 315 lb

You can view the floor plan here.

Quarterfinals Workout 5 Standard

  • The athlete’s hands must be outside the knees. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed.
  • Deliberately bouncing the bar is not allowed.
  • The athlete may receive assistance changing the load or may set up multiple barbells.
  • Athletes may NOT use gymnastics grips during the deadlift.
  • The rep is credited when the athlete’s chest clearly comes into contact with the bar at or below the collarbone.
  • Wrapping tape around the pull-up bar or wearing hand protection (gymnastics-style grips, gloves, etc.) is permitted, but taping the bar AND wearing hand protection is not.
  • Kipping the muscle-up is acceptable, but pull-overs, rolls to support, and glide kips are not permitted.
  • No portion of the foot may rise above the lowest part of the bar during the kip.
  • Removing your hands while you’re in the support position is not allowed.
  • Each rep starts with both feet on the ground.
  • The athlete may jump into the rope climb.
  • Any style of climbing is permitted.
  • The rep is credited when one hand clearly touches above the designated mark.

To Summarize

Once again, massive congratulations on making it to the quarterfinals. This is a HUGE achievement.

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