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2021 CrossFit Open Prep: Practice Workouts

The 2021 CrossFit Open begins on 11th March so if you’re reading this with time to spare – let’s get stuck in to some practice workouts! This is an ideal way to prepare; get your head in the game and remind yourself of some of the common workout formats and movements.With the addition of the […]

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butterfly pull-up

Butterfly Pull-ups: 3 Most Common Struggles and How to Fix Them

So first of all let’s talk about why in the world we want to do pull-ups that make us look like flopping fish! Butterflies have a very specific reason – they are by far the most efficient way to meet the pull-up standard in CrossFit. The pull-up rep has to begin with arms fully locked […]

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5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Miss the 2021 CrossFit Open

This year’s CrossFit Open landscape looks a little different this year – due to not only the COVID pandemic but also the new and improved management of CrossFit HQ. Enter CEO Eric Roza and co; here to make the 2021 Open one to remember. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or are brand new to the […]

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banded pull-ups drill

Banded Pull-ups: Are They Really The Best Way To Develop Strict Strength?

When Strict Pull-ups are programmed in the gym, what do you default to if you can’t do them? For most athletes, it’s banded pull-ups. Don’t get me wrong; they have their place, but adding in other exercises will help to build strength in areas banded pull-ups fail to target.  Strict pull-ups are the foundation of […]

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crossfit 20.2 workout

10 Best Beginner CrossFit Workouts

If you’re new to CrossFit, the last workout you want to be faced with is a suffer-fest of Pull-ups and Thrusters! I’ve picked out some beginner-friendly exercises and programmed them in such a way that you’ll be eased in gently, at your own pace. I’ve included a ton of scaling options to meet you where […]

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My take on Greg Glassman’s comments

Our community CAN help knock down the walls of racism. Our community CAN rise together and take a stand for what is right. Our community is not just about helping the upper middle class get slightly better at exercising more quickly. It can be used to transform people’s perceptions.

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CrossFit For Beginners

CrossFit For Beginners: What To Expect (And What Happened To Me)

Ever since I could remember, I’d been an athlete. I played a bunch of sports, volleyball through college, and had been comfortable in various gym settings since about age 14.  So why was I sitting in my car, outside of this CrossFit gym, so terrified to go inside?  It was supposed to be my first […]

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Meet Patricia McGill: A 60+ CrossFit Masters Athlete & Total Badass

Meet Patricia. She’s 60, and everything that I aspire to be 30 years from now.   Because while a large majority of 60 year olds wouldn’t even imagine attempting pull-ups, Patricia’s issue isn’t the lack of strength; it’s the fact that her pull-up bar in the backyard has ice on it this time of year.   #CanadaProblems  […]

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CrossFit 20.5

CrossFit 20.5 – The Ultimate Strategy Guide for Rx, Scaled, Masters

Welcome to your fifth and final week of the 2020 CrossFit Open!  CrossFit 20.5 is here… and so are 40 ring muscle ups.    (or chest to bar pull-ups, or chin over the bar pull-ups, or jumping C2B – depending if you’re a Masters or Scaled athlete).    Don’t freak out – the 20.5 Strategy […]

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20.5 CrossFit

20.5 CrossFit Workout: Ring Muscle Ups Have Arrived | WODprep

20.5 CrossFit is here – and we’re looking at a workout like nothing we’ve seen programmed in the Open before.    Strategy is going to be key here, folks. Let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with…  20.5 CrossFit Announcement & Strategy For the full 20.5 workout standards and description, head here.  CrossFit 20.5: […]

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