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CrossFit Open 19.3 Has Been Announced

CrossFit Open Workout 19.3 Announcement: 

For Time (10 minute time cap): 

  • 200 ft. Dumbbell overhead lunge 
  • 50 DB box step-ups 
  • 50 Strict HSPU 
  • 200 ft. handstand walk 

Men: 50 lb dumbbell / 24 inch box 

Females: 35 lb dumbbell / 20-in box 

For a full breakdown of the 19.3 workout standards, including the scaled and masters modifications, head to 

crossfit open 19.3

CrossFit Games Open Workout 19.3: Tips & Strategy

19.3 - Overhead DB Lunge:

  • Make your last step count; take an extra 1/2 second if it means getting your foot over the line completely. Don't be an inch off and need to take an entire extra step.
  • There is no "lockout" requirement. The standard is that the DB needs to be above your head, so if someone tries to no-rep you for letting your elbow sag, don't fall for it. Here are the full standards.
  • You CAN switch arms if one is getting fatigued. It may be smart to do this rather than to drop the DB to the floor. Just make it a point to switch after each 25 foot section, so that you don't have to keep backtracking behind the marked lines.
  • You DO NOT need to switch arms. While this might be a terrible idea to overload one arm, you can favor your stronger side if you need to.

19.3 - Box Step-ups:

  • Just move.
  • Put it on your back/neck area and try to have ZERO weight on your shoulders (save them for later). This is time is all about shoulder recovery.  

19.3 - Strict HSPU:

  • Small sets: DO NOT go to fatigue on set #1... you will not "win" by hitting a big unbroken set, but you will lose if you get blown up here. Shoot for small, manageable sets that always leave a few reps "in the tank" unless you are abour to run out of time. 
  • Use the box. You are allowed to have your fingers outside of the box, only your palms must be inside. Find your favorite position, but I HIGHLY suggest going as wide as possible to make it so that your body moves as little as possible.

19.3 - Handstand Walks:

  • If you are fit enough to make it here, congratulations. Be prepared for a shaky first handstand walk attempt. 
  • Aim to get a few 5 feet sections done at a time, especially right away. Then as you get more comfortable, get into your groove and go for longer unbroken sections. Remember, when you're feeling like falling, all you need to do is get both hands passed the next line for that rep to count. Keep accumulating reps, don't worry about trying to be an unbroken hero. 

Looking for more? Check out this article for 19.3 pointers for our Scaled and Masters athletes - as well as some mindset ideas.

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  • Jan Ayalin says:

    I’m quite confused on the step ups as i saw the iceland guys step from the corner at the announcement…. then when i did it my coach told me i can’t do that. I have seen box jumps done from the corner before in competitions…

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  • Nick says:

    The standards are not clear on the step ups. I thought it normally says you have to step all the way up on one leg. This time it says nothing about full extension on the single leg. Does this mean we can get the second foot on the box before full extension?

    • Kait, WODprep HQ says:

      Hey Nick! Here is what the standards say (the PDF is also linked above) – The rep is credited when both of the
      athlete’s feet are on the top of the box and the hips and knees are fully extended. Athletes must alternate legs to start each step.

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