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Starting Simple: The Ultimate HSPU Progression

Remember the day when handstand push-ups showed up in a WOD for the very first time in your CrossFit life? You want me to do WHAT?! A push-up, upside down?  ​And you thought push-ups were already hard enough…HSPU’s can be intimidating at first. But if we take a step back and strip down the movement, get comfortable […]

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Handstand Walk: A Progression That Actually Works!

Imagine the following.  You’re at the gym, and you and your friend decide to practice handstand walking. Your friend does the following –  Kicks up into a perfect handstand, walks 100 feet, and gracefully lets their feet fall back to the floor. “Wow, that was easy – and that was my first try!” (Said no one ever.)  For most people […]

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