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Scaling Pull-ups – 5 Variations for Progression

Tired of using the same old scaling options every time pull-ups are programmed in workouts? Check out 5 of my favorite exercises to choose from in your next WOD as you work towards being able to Rx them… Prefer to watch me demo them on video? The YouTube video covers all you need to know including […]

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20.5 CrossFit

The Complete Guide To Chest To Bar Pull-Ups: Strict & Kipping

“So what are chest to bar pull-ups?”, I asked my coach at day two of CrossFit®. They were written up on the whiteboard, and while the name of the movement seemed pretty self-explanatory… I couldn’t help but wonder, why were there so many different kinds of pull-up names? And… who cares if I can touch my […]

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how to do kipping pull-ups - hip pop

How To Do Kipping Pull-ups In 6 Simple Steps

If you don’t know how to do kipping pull-ups yet, I’m going to make a wild guess: you hate Fran.  Imagine you’ve just walked into the gym with your friend, and you see “Fran” programmed up on the whiteboard… Fran: 21-15-9 Thrusters (95/65 lb) Pull-ups You each have different reactions… “Awww man, this is going to take us forever without being able […]

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