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Work on Ring Muscle Ups without Rings!

You can work on ring muscle ups without rings?!? Absolutely and all you need are a few items from around your home.  Here are 3 different drills you can work to improve dip strength, pulling strength, and those pesky transitions! First, let’s gather the items we’ll need. Look around your space to find: Two sturdy […]

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ring dips for crossfit

Ring Dips For CrossFit: 3 Drills To Build Strength

Take a movement to the gymnastic rings, and that movement becomes just a little bit more difficult. Case in point… Ring Push-ups vs. Hand Release Push-ups  Ring Muscle Ups vs. Bar Muscle Ups  Ring Dips vs. Bar Dips  The instability that comes with two moving rings is no joke. Which is why today, I’m breaking […]

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ring muscle up progression

Strict Ring Muscle Ups: The Missing Piece

The strict ring muscle up. A foundational CrossFit movement, and oftentimes a barrier to entry if you’re looking to score well in the Open. It’s one of the most complex gymnastic movements in CrossFit, but yet not always treated as such.    True, in its purest form, a ring muscle up is simply a pull-up, […]

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The Ring Muscle Up Progression You’ve Never Been Taught

Let’s talk ring muscle ups. Everyone wants to be able to string them together, yet getting there safely (keyword) can take some time and discipline. We’re here to help. At WODprep, we really try to stress the importance of first learning a strict ring muscle up progression before you start stringing kipping muscle ups together. […]

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