CrossFit 19.4 Announcement: Muscle Ups Have Arrived

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CrossFit 19.4 has officially been announced -  and muscle ups have made their appearance. Ready? 

CrossFit 19.4 Announcement:   

For Time (12 minute time cap, this includes 3 min rest!)  

3 rounds: 

  • 10 snatches 95/65 lbs 
  • 12 bar facing burpees 

 Rest 3 minutes then...  

3 rounds :

  • 10 bar muscle ups 
  • 12 bar facing burpees 

Head to Games.CrossFit.Com for your full workout standards.  

crossfit 19.4 workout

CrossFit Games Open Workout 19.4 - Quick Tips & Strategy

For our extensive 19.4 strategy guide plus breakdown videos -  head here!

19.4 - Snatches

  • Keep a hook grip. Start with wide feet and try not to move them at all. Power snatch for most people is going to be ideal.
  • If the snatch is light for you (~50% or less), sprint and stay unbroken. If the snatch is heavy-ish (~60% or more), it's OK to do quick singles - but make sure to move quickly on burpees.

19.4 - Bar Facing Burpees

  • Go fast - no excuses here since you'll have time to recover. The key is not "as fast as possible", but instead it should be "what pace will make it so that I have absolutely no resting?". Go at that speed, and try to push your tempo.
  • I personally plan to step up and jump back down. 

19.4 - Workout Standards FYI

The tiebreaker for this workout is when you finish the first part of the WOD before the rest period. So if you know you can't get any BMU's, your goal should be to simply SPRINT the first workout to secure a solid tiebreak.

19.4 - Bar Muscle Ups

  • Bar Muscle Ups are going to depend on your abilities. Personally, I will try this 6/4 with fast burpees.
  • Most people should HIGHLY consider breaking up 19.4's Bar Muscle Ups into singles. If you can't do 5+ BMU's unbroken, DO NOT try multiples, as it will only hurt you.
crossfit 19.4 bar muscle ups

CrossFit 19.4 - Scaled

Ideally "only do pull-ups when you can do them strict, first", but I know that will be thrown out the window. So, if you want your first "technically Rx" pull-up, try the box drop-in method to get some momentum and get your chin over the bar

CrossFit 19.4 - Masters

The same rules apply for C2B pull-ups... trust your abilities, but don't go unbroken if your max set is only 15 reps. Instead, take short, quick breaks and get back on the bar as soon as possible. Singles are totally OK as long as you keep moving - don't waste time here.

Want a warm-up and recovery video specifically for the 19.4 workout?

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