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We've got a repeat on our hands, folks. 

CrossFit Open 20.3 is... 18.4.

CrossFit Open 20.3

CrossFit Open 20.3: Quick Tips 

We've seen this before. The HSPU standards are challenging, and the deadlifts - for some of us - will get heavy.

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Here's what I recommend...

CrossFit 20.3 - The Deadlifts

Similar to what I advised for 18.4... If 225/155 lbs is heavy for you, there's nothing absolutely nothing wrong with starting with singles.

It may sound silly, but this is actually going to eliminate a ton of wasted energy that you use to lower the barbell. 

If 225/155 lbs is fairly easy for you - but the following weights of 315/205 lbs is heavy... then move to singles in round two. 

Pro tip - wear a lifting belt for 20.3.

Have you already done CrossFit Open 20.3? Then my guess is your back might need a little TLC - check out our 20.3 recovery video here.

CrossFit Open 20.3

CrossFit Open 20.3: Scaled

Scaled (For Time, 9 Min Cap, 21-15-9)

  • Deadlifts (135/95)
  • HRPU
  • 21-15-9
  • Deadlifts (185/135)
  • Bear Crawl (50’)

CrossFit 20.3: Masters 

(For Time, 9 Min Cap, 21-15-9)

  • Deadlifts (*/*)
  • HSPU / Push Press *
  • 21-15-9
  • Deadlifts (*/*)
  • HSPU/ Push Press*
  • HSW / HSPU* (50’)

** Dependant on age group.  For a complete standards guide, please visit the Open 20.3 page.

Something to note on Hand Release Push-ups - be sure to read the standards. While it doesn't specify feet staying on the ground, there is no pushing up through the knees.

crossfit open 20.3

CrossFit Open 20.3: Pacing

Final note for all age divisions - Rx and Scaled. 

This is a 9 minute workout. If the second deadlift weight is something that you expect to make - you can't sprint out of the gate with unbroken deadlifts or you're going to blow up. Try to set yourself up so that you're fresh heading into that heavier weight.

If you know that you can't lift the heavier weight... then you SHOULD treat the first part of the workout as a sprint (as your last completed round of deadlifts is your tiebreaker time.) Here are a few 20.3 workout pacing tips.

Looking for the 20.4 CrossFit announcement & strategy? Head here.

  • Great video. I always enjoy WODprep strategies b/c they are so compressive. Awesomely done!
    age 49,
    I don’t have a favorite CrossFit movement, but the easiest movement for me is the kettlebell swings. Superfun to go heavy!

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