4-Steps to Nail Your Open Workout 21.2 Video Submission

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One of the most COMMON questions I get asked at WODprep is, “Ben, how do I submit my scores this week so they’re valid?” If you’re newer to the Open or confused about submitting your CrossFit Open Workout 21.2 video, I have you covered.

This year’s Open is slightly different since a lot of us are tackling the 2021 CrossFit Open by ourselves. For example, a lot of us don’t have our normal community or gym set up so it makes perfect sense why so many athletes are confused about submitting scores for the 2021 CrossFit Open. Below, I’ve broken down four easy steps for submitting your Open Workout 21.2 scores.

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Step 1: Turn On “Do Not Disturb”, Airplane Mode, and Close Out of All Apps

The first step is probably the easiest, and also, the most overlooked. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had athletes reach out and say they got a phone call mid-workout or that an app disrupted their camera and they had to restart their Open Workout.

Before you set up your video camera and get your measurements per the workout’s movement standard repeat the following.

  1. Turn On “Do Not Disturb” Mode
  2. Turn On Airplane Mode
  3. Close Out of All of Your Apps

Trust me, your score will thank you and you’ll feel more confident that there will be no interruptions as you tackle Open Workout 21.2.

Step 2: Show Equipment Standards

Once you have your phone optimized to limit disruptions, now it’s time to highlight the equipment standards. Open Workout 21.2’s standards will vary based on the division that you’re competing in.

For myself, I’m competing in the Rx’D division, so what I would do is take my video and highlight the dumbbell I’m using and CLEARLY show the weight and full dumbbell. Then, I would set the camera down and physically measure my box to highlight that it’s the prescribed height for the movement standards of my workout.

Step 3: Frame Your Entire Setup

After you’ve highlighted the workout’s equipment standards, now it’s time to start framing your shot. For this step, we’ll need to ensure we’re doing multiple things to ensure our score is valid.

Use the checklist below to make sure you check all the boxes for a valid 21.2 score submission.

  • Can the video see you doing FULL burpees (chest to floor) on BOTH sides of the box?
  • Can the video see you performing your dumbbell snatches in their entirety?
  • Can the video see your time clearly and accurately?

It’s incredibly important to make sure you frame your video to capture EVERYTHING you’re doing in Workout 21.2.

Step 4: Double Check Before Starting

Once you’ve framed your setup, double check one last time. This means filming and potentially doing a few reps of each movement to make sure you’re in the shot. Far too often, we think we’re framed only to learn after our workout that one side was cutoff and now we have to repeat the workout.

Trust me when I say this, spend the extra 2-5 minutes checking your setup before you physically start Open Workout 21.2. Your future self will thank you!

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