How to Improve Your 23.2 Open Score on a Re-Do

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Not happy with your first attempt at 23.2? That’s ok. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and learning from your mistakes is part of being a CrossFit athlete. The big difference between competing on the competition stage and the 2023 CrossFit Open is that you can do a repeat. This is your opportunity to make things right.

If you’re looking to get the best score, most athletes will need to take a second attempt at the workout. Here are a few extra strategy tips and tactics to get “that extra rep” and ensure your redo is worth it

Nailing 23.2a Open - Getting the most out of the run, burpee pull-ups

The run

Shuttle runs were a big surprise as our new movement this year, and they can be very challenging! Luckily they aren’t the biggest factor here and you can use them as recovery as long as you’re still mindful of the clock.

Aim to be completing your 10 shuttle runs within 1:20 and 1:30. While your engine will be hard at work keeping you on pace you can focus on your rhythm and a methodical approach to every turn to gain ground.

As the workout progresses your legs will fatigue and your form may break down. Concentrate on how you are running - count your steps or focus on the smoothness of your turns to stay distracted from the pain and keep steady. Keeping these things in mind will keep you on track for a killer score.

The burpee pull-up

The burpee pull-up is a very accessible moment for many athletes but one that you may not practice for efficiency often.

In your warm up, practice jumping up with no kip and with a variety of grips. You may not do chin ups in class, but they are a very good choice for this workout. Have a play, and find what’s right for you.

If you don’t have the perfect bar height, because let’s be honest, CrossFitter’s come in all shapes and sizes. Find a solution to “make shift” a bar that is ideally just above your reach. If in the worst case scenario you still can’t do this, then aim for as little kip as possible. By keeping them more strict, you’ll jump down in a better position to get back to the burpee. 

Achieving over 100 reps

If your goal is to break the 100 mark, then the key here is to find a way to not stop. When pacing on the run and the burpee pull-ups, start slower than you think and keep pushing harder as you get further into the 15 minute time cap. Practice your running beforehand and drill down the technique we’ve outlined in this video.

Achieving over 125 reps (getting into the round of 20)

For those athletes whose goal it is to get 125 reps (which is finishing the runs in round of 25), this is where it’s really going to hurt and the workout really starts. Use your mental game to dig deep and keep pushing to ensure you hit that magic number. Keeping your burpee pull-up pace is 100% the most important piece of the puzzle - stay focused. It will be worth it, trust me.

Secondly, ask your judge to help you on pacing the burpee pull-up. You want to aim for 6-7 second pace per burpee. If you’re able to hold this without stopping to take a breath, then 125 is attainable.

Achieving over 140 reps (getting into the round of 30)

If you’re achieving a score of over 140 reps, then you’re in the top percentile of athletes. You know you’re physically fit, but how do you get more? 

For you, the workout starts in the round of 25 and you need to hold a 1:15 pace for every round and a 6 second rep on your burpee pull-ups. Get your judge to inform you at where you’re at throughout the workout. Even set the pace at the start a little hot and really dig in as you hit the last 3 minutes.

How to Improve Your 23.2 Open Score on a Re-Do

Getting a PR on the Thrusters (23.2b)

A lot of athletes are hitting close to PRs, and many are crushing it with lifetime bests. In your warm up, you need to hit your starting bar so that when you get to the bar, you’re hitting a big number.

You don’t need many attempts, just make sure you give yourself plenty of rest for your heart rate to cool down before lifting the bar. The bar will feel heavy so expect it and drive with your legs. 5 minutes is a long time so there’s no need to rush. There’s time to put your lifting shoes on and a belt.

Finally, take advantage of the clock and squeeze out one more attempt at 19:59. As long as you’ve started the movement, you can continue to complete the rep.

To Summarize

Take some time to reflect on how your workout went, and physically write a list on where you think you can improve. Conversely, write a second list on what you did well! When looking to get a better score, half the battle is going into it with the right frame of mind. Make sure you give yourself a pat on the back for how incredible you’ve done in 23.1 & 23.2.

If you have any comments or questions on how and where you can improve, let us know below.

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