The Top 15 CrossFit Online Accounts You Should Be Following

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There are only a handful of ubiquitous names in the CrossFit community. Names ranging from the likes of Katrin, Annie and Briggs to Fraser, Froning and Fikowski. Aside from these individual athletes, we’re repeatedly exposed to only a handful of companies: Reebok, Rogue, Concept2, COMPEX, to name a few. While these athletes and companies provide a great deal of value to CrossFit athletes everywhere, there’s so much more to be had. 

In this post, we’d like to give a shout out (in no particular order) to the people & companies behind some of our favorite online resources in the CrossFit space. We surveyed the WODprep team and came up with a list of our top 15 favorites. We hope you find the same value we did.

In the comments section below, let us know your favorite CrossFit Online Resource and what you love about it. Maybe we’ll add it to the list!

WODprep's 15 Favorite CrossFit Online Resources:

crossfit online resources

Resource: The Morning ChalkUp

Description: A daily (Monday - Friday) email newsletter that “educates, informs, and inspires the CrossFit community.” Perfect to digest the latest CrossFit news along with your morning cup of coffee.

Links: You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, but we recommend signing up for their email list by visiting their website.

top crossfit online reading

Resource: BOXROX

Description: The world's most widely reaching magazine for Crossfitters and fans of functional fitness. With 600,000 monthly readers from more than 180 countries, it connects the worldwide fitness community. The magazine and its 200+ active contributors currently cover many topics including CrossFit®, weightlifting, nutrition, lifestyle and community related news.

Links: Sign up for the newsletter through their website.
best online crossfit accounts

Resource: ObeseToBeast / John David Glaude 

Description: If you’re looking for inspiration to transform your life, look no further. John Glaude used to be 360+ lbs and now weighs in around 180lbs. John has done an excellent job sharing his story and providing motivation for hundreds of thousands of people.

Links: Follow his journey on Instagram, or YouTube.

online fitness resources

Resource: RippedBody

Description: Andy Morgan, the founder of RippedBody, is a breath of fresh air in the nutrition, fitness, physique space. If you like a simple, scientific-based approach to looking on the outside how you feel on the inside, subscribe to Andy’s newsletter. His free content is better than most people’s paid content. Andy is also the co-creator of WODprep’s Flagship online course, No Nonsense Nutrition.

Links: You can follow Andy’s personal life on Instagram, or read his amazing articles on his website.

crossfit online weight lifting

Resource: Hookgrip

Description: While the primary aim of Hookgrip is to generate tons of awesome high quality media related to the sport of weightlifting, they also run an online store that will help satisfy your weightlifting needs. Their slow motion videos on Instagram are fascinating and almost unbelievable.

Links: Follow their Instagram account if you want to know what snatching world record weight in slow motion looks like.

crossfit online olympic lifting programs

Resource: Torokhtiy 

Description: Warm Body, Cold Mind! Aleksey Pavlovich Torokhtiy is a Ukrainian weightlifter, Olympic champion in weightlifting (London, 2012), & winner of European and world championships. This guy is the definition of a Supple Leopard. His feed is jam packed with practical tips for athletes who appreciate more technical coaching. 

Links: Torokhtiy’s Instagram is a good mix of personal and professional content. He also has a strictly technical IG account as well. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to get the best of his educational material.

crossfit podcasts online

Resource: The Fitness Experiment Podcast

Description: A health & fitness podcast dissecting nutrition, fitness programs, supplements, hormones, training mindset and everything in between.The Fitness Experiment is co-created by Jesse Sherriff of Sherriff's Performance Academy - a service that provides fitness and training programs for high level athletes, and Chett Binning of Brain Ignition - a business that provides unique science-based health & nutrition programs for athletes and regular joe's.

Links: Listen to their Podcast on your favorite app by clicking this link.

best crossfit instagram accounts

Resource: The Movement Dr.

Description: Dr. CJ DePalma is the owner of The Movement Dr., a cash-based physical therapy clinic in Pensacola, Florida. The Movement Dr. specializes in pain management and rehabilitation through a unique approach of education and movement, and ranges from treating chronic pain patients who struggle with daily activities, to CrossFit Games Champions. He is also in charge of WODprep’s highest-level coaching, and has coached several Masters athletes to the CrossFit Games! If you are interested in working with him, shoot [email protected] an email and we will link you up.

Links: You can visit CJ’s website or follow him on Instagram.

best online crossfit diet accounts

Resource: PaleoNick

Description: First of all, this guy was on Shark Tank! Paleo doesn’t have to be plain, so get in the kitchen with Paleo Nick and make something worth eating. He’ll tell you himself – he’s passionate about sharing his extensive cooking knowledge, and he has the background to help you help yourself. Nick worked as a private chef for professional athletes and more than a few celebrities – it’s where the CrossFit bug first bit him, which snowballed into all those CrossFit Journal videos, the food booths at The CrossFit Games, and quite a few Power Monkey camps.

Links: You can follow him on Instagram, but his YouTube channel are where it’s at!

crossfit online podcasts
Resource: Barbell Shrugged/Shrugged Collective

Description: Originally the Barbell Shrugged, now umbrellaed under the Shrugged Collective, this podcast has grown into a comprehensive network of health, fitness and performance shows. Covering everything from physical and mental goals, to coaching-specific advice, the Shrugged Collective has expanded like crazy since 2012, and consistently puts out quality content to listen to and watch.

Links: Check out the Shrugged Collective’s website as well as their Youtube channel. Their Podcasts are also on iTunes and Spotify.

crossfit online training
Resource: BarBend

Description: Their motto is ‘Making the world a better place through strength,’ and that’s clear the minute you land on their website. Reviews, tips, and news on all things weightlifting, these guys are the official media partner of USA Weightlifting and know their stuff.

Links: Check out their website for a variety of resources, and follow their Instagram page for quick tips and videos.

best crossfit podcasts
Resource: Work For Change Podcast

Description: Mentioned above and otherwise known as “Obese to Beast” - John Glaude doesn’t just stop at Youtube and IG content. He also partners with his brother Jean Glaude to host a very awesome podcast that shares stories and strategies to make a positive impact across life. Coach Ben even guest stars in their second episode ever!

Link: You can subscribe to their Podcast on iTunes here.

Resource: Driven Mind Training

Description: A mental performance specialist, Dawn Fletcher is your one-stop-shop for all things mental when it comes to online CrossFit training. Her blog covers an array of topics from breathing tips, handling stress, motivation - you name it.

Links: Check out the Driven Mind blog here, and follow on Instagram or Facebook

crossfit online apps
Resource: BTWB Blog

Description: Also the official CrossFit-tracking app, Beyond the Whiteboard hosts a very solid blog covering just about any CrossFit topic you could ever want. BTWB originally inspired WODprep’s CrossFit Open movement breakdown graphic, and their geeky stats and chart sharing makes their Instagram account a great follow.

Links: Their blog is updated almost daily, or follow their Instagram account.

Coach Ben’s Thoughts: Must-follow-accounts

Note: when we first developed this post, it originally had 15 resources. But Coach Ben demanded that we make an amendment to include the following channels. Avoid them at your own peril! Here are his thoughts….

CrossFit Online Youtube Accounts
Resource: Meg Squats

Description: In a YouTube world full of men giving strength advice, Meg is a breath of fresh air. Her when I met her and her boyfriend, Ryan, in Tokyo two years ago she told me her mission: “I want to put a barbell in the hand of every woman.” This line has stuck with me ever since. From her Instagram Page to her YouTube Channel, Meg has a ton of great videos that explore what it means to be a strong woman, and what it means to use strength in everyday life.

Links: Check out her YouTube Channel for transformational videos, coaching tips, and an array of other topics. 

best online crossfit Youtube
Resource: TeamRichey

Description: If you want a peek into the “daily life” of a dedicated CrossFitter, then look no further. The quintessential CrossFit ‘Vlogger’ - Craig Richey is worth the follow. Since 2013 his platform has been a growing channel that helps to inspire, motivate and share with the world training, nutrition and lifestyle advice. The aim is simple, everyone being able to learn and adapt certain areas of their life to make it better, with a supportive community (what he calls “The Team”) around them.

Links: Check out his YouTube Channel for consistent vlog posts, or find him on Instagram here. 

best crossfit youtube resources
Resource: Zack Telander

Description: This dude can lift! And most importantly, he can teach you how to lift. He’s a pure weightlifter that has dedicated his life to the snatch, clean, and jerk. But just because he might not think that Isabel is a smart workout (30 snatches for time), it doesn’t mean that you won’t be absolutely mesmerised by his channel. Looking for a good place to start? Here’s a video where he trolls me about my “hip pop” suggestions and believe it or not, it actually turned into a great learning experience for me. So watch it, have a laugh, and listen to Zack if you want to hit some new PRs. Since the trolling incident, we’ve developed an online friendship and we’re even planning to create some content together in 2019. Stay tuned.

Links: Check out his YouTube Channel for some great videos.

crossfit online gymnastics
Resource: Kati Breazeal

Description: Want to get better at your gymnastics? Why not learn from an actual gymnast? Ever since my wife first showed me one of her videos - I’ve been a big fan of Kati’s approach. “Ben, your videos should be more pretty. Look how pretty Kati’s are!“ If you’re someone who wants to rebuild your gymnastic movements with a strong, stable foundation - look no further. She has a great knack for video editing and explaining things clearly, and I’m looking forward to attending one of her seminars in the future.  

Links: If you’d like to soak up some gymnasty goodness, check out her Instagram and YouTube page, or even attend one of her seminars

Last but not least - looking for some CrossFit online courses or programming? A few of of our 8-week programs are currently open for enrollment, check them out here.

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