5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Miss the 2021 CrossFit Open

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This year’s CrossFit Open landscape looks a little different this year – due to not only the COVID pandemic but also the new and improved management of CrossFit HQ. Enter CEO Eric Roza and co; here to make the 2021 Open one to remember. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or are brand new to the world of CrossFit, the Open is for you.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t waste any time signing up – and how the Open will be a bright spot in a tough year, bringing you some much needed motivation!

If you’d prefer to watch me discuss this from my new and improved WODprep HQ, check out my video below;

1. The 2021 CrossFit Open is for EVERYONE (Yes, I’m looking at you!)

Yeah I know, we’ve said this before, but the Open is now more inclusive than ever before. Not only do we have our usual Scaled, Rx and Age Group categories, CrossFit HQ have now introduced a new level called Foundations. Foundations offers a chance for even the newest of athletes to take part, no matter your ability or fitness level.

We at WODprep have high hopes that this will remove some intimidation from signing up for people who feel ‘too new’ to join in the fun, and get a glimpse into why the rest of us look forward to it all year long.

In addition to Foundations, we also see the introduction of the long overdue Adaptive Division, featuring 16 sub-divisions (8 for men and 8 for women) depending on abilities. We are super excited about this new arrival and have plans to create new content specifically for this division of inspiring athletes.

Finally, in light of lockdowns, a brand new ‘No Equipment’ division has been created so that whether you’re isolating or your gym is closed down, you can take part! In the comfort of your own living room. This awesome feature allows you to join and compete on an exclusive no equipment leaderboard and we can’t wait to see how this turns out!

2. It’s shorter! (Why this is a GOOD thing!)

Usually the CrossFit Open lasts 5 weeks, and to be honest we feel like 5 weeks is just a couple too long! The dropoff we see on the leaderboard after week 3 is insane, and CrossFit HQ have obviously taken note.

Personally I’m psyched about his change. You know when you’re hooked on an awesome TV series, but the last 2 seasons let you down big time? “Should’ve quit while they were ahead”, you reflect. This is how I feel about the Open. I can’t wait to see what happens when our efforts are concentrated and focussed on a shorter length of time. It’ll end on a high when we’re all absolutely buzzing to crush the rest of the year!

3. The CrossFit Open is an UNRIVALLED motivator.

Yeah, remember that thing we used to know called motivation? The one we lost along with our freedom in 2020? If you’re feeling like it’s in the depths of the ocean, I have good news for you and your fitness…

Firstly, the Open is the ultimate tool to get us fired up for fitness again. A goal to work towards and connect us all in the spirit of the Open.

Secondly, I’ve learned over the last 12 months that in the absence of motivation; action inspires action. We can move forward toward our goals even when we don’t feel like it, with just the tiniest of actions. Instead of hanging around waiting to feel inspired, why not just take the first step – like putting your gym gear on, or registering for the Open.

Most of us are feeling less than optimal as far as fitness goes, and that’s ok. Action inspires action, don’t forget how powerful this can be!

4. The Open is the ULTIMATE tool for measuring progress – against both your past self and others around the world!

We are stoked that custom leaderboards are making a reappearance this year! What this means for you is that you can compare yourself to athletes of similar ages, specific areas of the world or even by occupation!

Best of all, you can join the exclusive WODprep leaderboard which includes every one of our members, coaches and athletes we consider family – if you’re reading this, that means YOU!

So if you like to see where you stack up, get creative with leaderboarding and find out if you’re the number one 25 year old blue eyed firefighter in Maryland. Ok ok, maybe it doesn’t go that deep, but you get the idea!

5. Open Magic is REAL!

My fifth, final and favorite point – there’s no PR like an Open PR. At WODprep, me and my team of coaches have seen countless awe-inspiring PRs take place during the Open. This is why we stay up all night each announcement creating the best content for you to go out and crush it on game day!

The energy that the Open brings, the sound of your gym mates cheering you on, the extra pressure of performing comes together to supply what we call Open Magic! So whether you’re striving for your first pull-up, or plucking up the courage to jump on that box – trust in Open Magic to come through for you! Don’t forget to let me know when it does so that I can celebrate your PR with you!

Time to get off the fence…

If you weren’t already convinced that registering for the Open is the best thing you could do for your mental and physical health, hopefully these 5 reasons have you scrambling to the sign up page. Before you go, share this post with your friends and box family and let’s make this the biggest and best Open yet!

It’s not too late to crush those Open skills (I can help)

Here’s a recap of all the ways I can help you in the upcoming weeks to help you get your best ever Open score…

  1. FREE guides for all the Open skills are available to download on my homepage. Grab them now and get to work!
  2. By downloading one of these free guides, you’ll also be added to my email list which means you get first (and exclusive) access to all the content me and my team churn out the night of each announcement, including my in-depth strategy video.
  3. Follow me on social media for quick-start guides and stories as the Open Announcement unfolds. You can join me over on Facebook, Instagram, reddit and YouTube. Don’t forget to say hi when you do!
  4. Over the age of 35? Join WODprep Masters – my virtual gym full of members just like you from all around the world. I’m passionate about the Masters division after seeing how under-represented they were at a recent Games trip and the response to WODprep Masters has been incredible. What you get – daily programming (specific to the Open over the next several weeks), an unreal support group of like-minded athletes who back you all the way, and a team of coaches and physical therapists ready to help you with answers to your questions and feedback on your form. WODprep Masters is where you’ll find the highest level of Open content, including live coaching calls discussing Masters-specific strategy. And because you’re reading this post – I’ll let you join at a special trial price of $9, so you have nothing to lose (love it or your money back!) Head to this page for more info and to join instantly!

So… what are you waiting for? Get signed up for the Open, join WODprep wherever you can, and let’s crush the 2021 CrossFit Open together!

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