Injury Rehab & Prevention For CrossFitters

  • Is Pain or Injury preventing you from training?
  • Do you have to modify every aspect of your day?
  • Every time you go for a heavy lift and kipping gymnastic do you feel like it's ANOTHER set back?
  • Want to keep training during this time?
  • Do you want to Train Through Pain?

Why WODprep Injury Rehab & Prevention?

At WODprep, our coaches and Licensed Physical Therapists have helped 100s of athletes go from pain in all pieces of their training to being able to train around their injury and to full training without pain.

What sets us apart is we have the CrossFit Programming and Coaching background to help you reach your performance goals, whether you are in rehab or post-rehab!

Learn what to expect from WODprep Injury Rehab and Prevention.

Physical Therapists That Are CrossFit Athletes Too

Maybe you’ve already gone to see a healthcare professional at this point and you’ve been told that you should never squat again, never do CrossFit, or maybe that you need surgery. As a CrossFit Athlete, you need someone who understands YOU and can help you better understand your injury. Everyone on our team is CrossFit athletes too!

Whether you’re dealing with a new injury or chronic pain our team is here to help! We know that you have goals with your training, and going through an injury can be frustrating especially when you feel like you can’t progress at all.

Our Physical Therapists will develop a rehabilitation program with you to help avoid surgical or invasive interventions, while also encouraging a movement-based approach. While your load may change, or different movement patterns may be utilized in order to keep you training with manageable symptoms, you won’t be told to completely stop working out during your therapy with us.

More Than Just Therapists - We're CrossFit Coaches & Train CrossFit Athletes Everyday

At WODprep we are here to help athletes from all over the world break through their sticking points, hit new PR's, and learn to Rx every workout.

We want people to see what their bodies are truly capable of and we do this through our 1-on-1 Coaching, our exclusive Masters Athlete Community, and our courses that help CrossFit athletes like you reach their various goals with CrossFit; whether that is to get your first bar muscle-up, ring muscle-up, or pull-up, learn double unders, improve your "engine", and more.

Our coaches have helped over 17,000 CrossFit athletes. We know and understand your love for CrossFit and training. While rehabilitating your injury, we will help you train through your pain to effectively reach your goals and recover as fast as possible.

You'll Be In Control Of Your Recovery Process

Beyond the potential for differing methodologies and beliefs are CrossFit, traditional physical therapy clinics, and going through health insurance is limiting into what you can do in your recovery. Through WODprep rehab and injury prevention you are in complete control of this process and don't have your insurance company telling you what you can and can't do.

Recover From Your Home Or Your Gym

No matter where you are in the world, we can help you get better at WODprep. With our tools and technology, we are able to help CrossFit athletes rehabilitate their injuries remotely.

1-On-1 With A Physical Therapist

In a traditional setting, you most likely won't work 1-on-1 with your care provider. Often they treat multiple patients at a time and are not always the ones who administer your care. At WODprep, a Physical Therapist will work with you 1-on-1 throughout your recovery process, with constant communication not just on set treatment days. You will get the most out of your training and rehabilitation, working with us at WODprep.

No Matter Your End Goals, We'll Help You Train Through Pain

Whether you are an athlete training for the CrossFit Games, or you enjoy doing CrossFit for its health and fitness benefits, you should not ignore your symptoms of pain or over-rest them either.

Resting is almost never the answer and at the same time overtraining is a huge culprit for chronic pain and injuries. Working with a licensed Physical Therapist for your CrossFit training can help you identify exactly how to train so you don’t lose sight of your goals, no matter what they are.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Vs. Training

Often people think that injury rehab and prevention look very different than their usual training. They are always surprised to find out it looks very similar. Load, Time, Intensity, and Volume training domains can still be used in your CrossFit training as long as the symptoms are still manageable.

Depending on your injury you could still be lifting heavy weights or hitting high-intensity workouts. With tissue damage there are certainly healing times, so with acute injuries, we will adhere to this necessary recovery time.

With your dedicated WODprep coach, you’ll build your tolerance back up in your training.

What To Expect With WODprep Injury Rehab & Prevention For CrossFit Athletes

Step 1: Schedule A Consultation Call With Our Licensed Physical Therapists & Coaches

Whether you are an athlete training for the CrossFit Games, or you enjoy doing CrossFit for its health and fitness benefits, you should not ignore your symptoms of pain or over-rest them either.

Resting is almost never the answer and at the same time overtraining is a huge culprit for chronic pain and injuries. Working with a licensed Physical Therapist for your CrossFit training can help you identify exactly how to train so you don’t lose sight of your goals, no matter what they are.

Step 2: Developing Your Rehab Plan

With the information you provided our team, your dedicated Physical Therapist will get working on developing your custom rehabilitation program. We will get you set up on our True Coach platform which allows us to send you your treatment and training plan, demo videos, and other notes.

Step 3: Getting On The Road To Recovery

In the True Coach app, you will also be able to record your daily progress, upload videos of you completing your exercises, and leave your dedicated Physical Therapist feedback or other notes. We will review your videos and provide feedback on your technique and ask about how you are feeling.

Throughout the recovery process, we will continue to move towards achieving your goals based on your feedback and progress.

Beyond Rehab & Back To Full Regular CrossFit Training

Once you are feeling better consistently, we will help you transition back into your full "regular" CrossFit training. Moving into 1-on-1 Coaching, following our Masters Athlete Community, or tackling one of our courses is a typical move for our rehab clients.

CrossFit Injuries

Like any other sport or activity, you can get hurt doing CrossFit. However, studies have shown it is not any more likely to get injured doing CrossFit than other sports or exercise options. Learn more about why as a masters athlete you may be experiencing aches, pain, or injury and your risk of injury as a masters athlete in CrossFit.

However, there are many injuries that CrossFitters commonly face, as do athletes of all sports, and it affects their training. Here are some pains and injuries we typically help people manage and overcome through our injury rehab:

Back Pain & Injuries

Not just CrossFit athletes, but most humans experience back pain at some point in their life. We commonly help CrossFit athletes manage and rehabilitate their back pain whether it was from an acute injury that occurred at work, home, or in the gym, or if it's an ongoing issue.

With back pain, often people are told to stop working out or completely stop doing certain movements- deadlifting or squatting. If these movements are causing unbearable pain then, of course, you don't need to do those right now. However, it does not mean you won't ever do them again.

These movements are foundational to life, not just working out! At WODprep, we will help guide you through your recovery process for your general low back pain or upper back pain, disc herniation/bulge, and more to get you back to your full training and everyday life, not limited by pain.

If you are dealing with back pain, schedule a consultation call with us today.

Shoulder Pain & Injuries

CrossFit athletes who struggle with shoulder pain often find themselves demotivated to workout as so many movements require the use of their shoulders. They don't know how to adjust their program to appropriately and safely build up a tolerance and get an effective workout in without causing themself more pain.

Whether you're dealing with general shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement, tendonitis, a torn labrum, or rotator cuff, we'll develop a rehab program to get you snatching, jerking, pressing, and doing gymnastic skills in your WODs.

Knee Pain & Injuries

There are horrible misconceptions about knee health especially as it relates to squatting. Unfortunately, many have been made to fear that squatting, especially at lower depths, is dangerous for your knees. While it is disappointing that this misinformation is spread, it is fortunate that it is just not true!

If you are dealing with knee pain, squats and other movements may currently be painful for you, but we will find training entry points to build your knee's tolerance back up.

As with any chronic pain or injury, it can take time to heal and recover general knee pain, meniscus issues, ligament injuries, tendonitis, and more.

Schedule a consultation call with us today to discuss your knee pain and training goals, so we can get you on the road to recovery and managing your symptoms.

Chronic Pain & Acute Injuries CrossFit Rehab & Therapy

At WODprep, we help athletes with all types of injuries and chronic pain. Crossfitters often get tendonitis in various places, usually from some level of overtraining. Our licensed Physical Therapists develop rehab programs to properly add load and develop tolerance to the painful movements and range of motion.

Other injuries we see are related to ankles, elbows, and hips. As with all pains and injuries, we like to have a consultation call to learn more about you as an individual, your injury or pain history, and your training goals. This helps us develop a custom and unique program for your situation so that you have the most effective recovery process.

Get in touch with us today about what you are going through and what your goals are as a CrossFit athlete. We would love to help you with your recovery process!


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