Tired of Being Sidelined at the Gym Due to Niggles and Injuries?

After Learning a Simple New Approach from WODprep's Resident Physical Therapists…

You’ll Get Back to Peak Performance While Working Through Pain and Injury

You’ll Get Back to Peak Performance While Working Through Pain and Injury


Why Did We Create This Seminar?

When Dr. CJ DePalma joined the WODprep team, he completely changed the way that I view injuries. This couldn't be more apparent than when my own dad hurt his back and was recommended surgery. 

I paired him up with WODprep Coach, Dr. Joe Camoratto and using the Back to Performance framework, my dad became stronger, fitter, faster within a few short months - all without surgery or taking time off from the gym. That only deepened my convictions in this revolutionary approach to pain and injury.

I'm proud to announce that we are officially launching a series of seminars that you an attend in person called Back to Performance. They are full of useful, practical information to help you train through pain, tweaks, and ultimately - not let injuries hold you back. 

Back To Performance transforms the way you recover from tweaks and injuries; allowing you to continue to train toward your goals in the process.  

No more taking time out -

Get ready to take back control of your body!



WODprep's Resident Physical Therapist, CJ handles all things pain related. He also specializes in programming for longevity in CrossFit® to help athletes stay in the game!

CJ enjoys coaching and social media discussions on injury/pain (his guilty pleasure).


One of WODprep's Physical Therapists and 1 on 1 coaches, Joe enjoys helping clients build resilience regarding pain and injury as well as helping them move towards progression in all aspects of fitness.

Joe enjoys the sport of powerlifting and reading about pain, cognitive science and rehabilitation as a way to better help his lifters and his community education skills.

Here are some of the topics you’ll be learning in a step by step way:

  • Seminar Intro & Mobility
  • Pain: What is the definition of pain and how does it shape our understanding of symptoms and response in training? What is pain not and how can we consider what we feel in differing training contexts.
  • Injury: There are a few criteria that need to be met when considering what is and is not an injury. It is important to understand these criteria when trying to build back up to baseline performance and training. 
  • Content Q&A 
  • Misconceptions: Myths in the health and fitness world are very prevalent and can be equally as harmful if perpetuated. We comb through some of the most common ones that serve to keep troublesome narratives around.
  • Training Through Pain: Simply the presence of pain or symptoms is not an automatic indicator that rest needs to be implemented, or that anything needs to change. Learning how to identify contexts and times that require, or don’t, modification and pivots is useful as a coach and athlete.
  • Where to start: Learning the basics of examining a situation that you find yourself or another in is a useful tool in the gym. We take participants through the basics of stepping back and assessing a situation.
  • Live Case Discussion: Part 1
  • Live Case Discussion: Part 2 
  • Conclusion

Back to Performance Seminar: A Simple Approach to Rehab and Injury That Will Keep You in the Gym!

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About the Author

Head of Marketing at WODprep, Charleh is passionate about health and fitness. With a background in elite sports, she discovered CrossFit back in 2015 and never looked back. Now she wants to help others find their passion for exercise, whatever that may be. She's currently living in NYC, USA.

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