Forget about foam rolling, ROM workouts, and lacrosse ball smashing for hip mobility...

Learn why the FCS FLOW is "the surprising mobility technique that actually helped me squat without pain and EASILY get below parallel on my Overhead Squats in only 6 weeks..."

What if you could start and end each WOD feeling strong, confident, and pain-free?

What if you could knock out overhead squats, pistols, and lunges with ease?

Imagine being able to drop under the bar quickly - without pain - for every snatch and clean?

Hi - I’m Ben Dziwulski, and through my online resources, I’ve coached over 82,000 athletes from complete CrossFit beginners to Games-level athletes.

Since the start of WODprep I’ve helped countless athletes get their first muscle ups, string together their first toes to bar, achieve their first kipping pull-ups, and more. After several years, I’ve seen thousands of incredible transformation stories from our athletes across the globe.

These athletes wear these accomplishments like a badge of honor on their sleeve and it’s incredible to be a part of their journey! 

But, unfortunately, do you know what I see MOST often? 

I see struggle...

I see frustration. I see many athletes who desperately need a coach to help them break through their plateaus. 

What do you notice about Kelsey’s comment?

For me, this is an example of everything I try to fix as a coach:

  • Pain
  • Avoidance
  • Feeling "stuck"
  • Intimidation & Fear
  • If you struggle with just one of these, the consequences can be debilitating. Athletes like Kelsey, and maybe even you, have multiple factors that hold them back and prevent them from reaching their full potential.

    So I started looking at it from a bird’s-eye view…. 

    On one hand, I have tons of athletes from all over the world crushing PR’s, accomplishing new skills, and improving their metcons on a daily basis. We even have a handful of WODprep athletes make it to the CrossFit® Games in the masters division this year!

    But on the other hand, I have even more athletes still struggling to get below parallel, do their first real overhead squat, or go an entire week without hip or back pain. 

    Despite several months, even years of work, many athletes don’t seem to get past these problems.

    Do you know this feeling?

    Why does it feel like your momentum is stuck? 

    Why are you struggling to get into basic positions like the snatch or overhead squat?

    As you know, many athletes make these movements look easy, but to you it feels so far away. 

    Luckily, after a couple years of trial and error, I’ve finally found the missing link....

    There is one main factor that separates the “haves” and the “have-nots”. It was the difference between “I am making so much progress!” from “I might give up”...

    As it turns out, the missing link was this:


    At WODprep, we thought we were doing the right thing - we have programs specifically designed for Shoulder Mobility, Snatches, and nearly all of the gymnastic movements. We have thousands of success stories from across the globe (I’ll show you those in a second)... 

    But there were always a few athletes who felt like they could never break through their plateaus. 

    Turns out we were missing a HUGE piece of the puzzle - something specially designed to develop the foundation of all functional movements - Hip Mobility!

    I now realize that you can have some of the best coaching cues in the world, but if the athlete doesn’t have great Hip mechanics, it’s like trying to paddle upstream. 

    As a coach, it was killing me to hear athletes say:

    • “Sure I’d love a muscle up, but even more… I just want to feel comfortable in my OHS.”
    • “My Hips and Back always hurt. I might have to take a break from the box...”
    • “I avoid workouts that have movements I can’t do.”

    In my head, I am screaming “we can fix this!”

    We’re desperately trying to prevent people from going through “The 5 stages of a struggling athlete.”

    Stage 1
    Motivated: “Ok, I can’t do this movement YET, but soon enough…”

    Stage 2
    Discouragement: “Hmm, I have been trying to get better for months and still no change. This sucks :(”

    Stage 3
    Opinion Confusion: Athlete starts getting opinions from other random gym members, asks their coach every day how to get better, finds a bunch of differing opinions online.

    Stage 4
    Info. OVERLOAD: By this point they have heard so many opinions that they don’t know which way is up from down. What actually works?!

    Step 5
    Give up/Injury: At this stage an athlete has ruled out the movement all together saying “it will never happen for me”. Or they keep trying to push through the pain and wind up injured, hardly able to sleep through the night.

    Do you know anyone like this?

    Have you ever felt like this?

    Are you somewhere between stage 1 and stage 5 right now?

    These days it's easy to end up overloaded and become paralyzed because of too much information being thrown in your face. 

    You have so many people giving different advice that it’s hard to know where to start. You don’t know if you should use more lacrosse ball smashing, more banded stretches, or more dynamic stretches (What is a dynamic stretch anyway?).

    Don’t get me wrong, I know people who belong to some great CrossFit® boxes with some of the best coaching in the world, and they still come to us with issues. It’s nearly impossible to find a coach who doesn’t have other athletes to manage, a gym to run, and classes to control - they don’t have time to write customized programming to help you with your hip mobility issues.

    And if they did, it would be thousands of dollars over a few months. 

    But somehow, at that same exact gym, there’s an athlete who can OHS 250+ lbs, and they can get 20+ unbroken pistols! And they’re following the EXACT same programming you are!


    • They make the movements look EASY... even graceful…
    • You often find yourself staring at them in amazement.
    • You may even tell yourself, “I’ll never be able to make it look like that.”

    However, I am here to tell you that you CAN have that success. 

    You CAN break through your hip mobility limitations. 

    But first, you need to apply the FCS Flow.

    What is the FCS Flow you ask?

    True hip mobility has THREE very equally important components and if you are lacking one of them, you won’t be able to perform the way you want.

    Let's break it down:

    F - Flexibility 

    Not having full ROM in your hips Is like trying to steer an airplane with only half of the controls. 

    At some point your body is going to have to make an evasive maneuver to make up for that lack of flexibility. When you make those evasive maneuvers you end up overloading your knees, lower back, and much more.

    So to avoid creating unwanted and unnecessary wear and tear, you have to make sure that joint has full range of motion.


    What good is being really flexible and not being able to control that ROM? If you don’t have the control you basically become a wet noodle. Basically you can get into any position but have no capability of controlling it, you end up looking like the crazy blow up person they put outside of car dealerships that waves their arms all over the place.

    So how do you avoid becoming a big, wavy blow-up doll?

    C - Control

    What good is having all that flexibility with none of the control!

    When this happens you can become even more prone to injury then the person who is still a tight, wound up drum!

    So what does control look like?

    Control is like that athlete that can go down into a 300lbs OHS, pause, look around, smile, and then stand it back up.

    They have more than enough flexibility to get into this position as well as enough control to stand themselves and this massive load back up

    That is what ultimate control looks like.

    I can’t stress enough how important it is to train stability along side mobility.

    They are like yin and yang.

    One without the other is a recipe for disaster and my biggest fear for you is that you will fall into this trap.

    Why? Because so many other programs out there, like ROMWOD® and MWOD, only train static stretches with none of the stability.

    I’m not saying that those programs are wrong…

    But I AM saying they are incomplete…. They only train “F”, but not “C” and “S”...

    With practice, after you’ve mastered flexibility AND control… there is one more thing that we can’t forget...

    S - Strength

    I mean, who doesn’t want a bigger, heavier back squat? Am I right?

    Everyone has different imbalances in their body, Susie may have really weak glutes and hamstrings while Todd has over developed quads.

    However, if you only squat and deadlift for your hip strength training, you will continually compile on that imbalance and continue to strengthen in a bad position.

    So we HAVE to learn how to strengthen our weaknesses and imbalances so we don’t have a single weak link in the chain.

    Picture it like this; if you have weak glutes, that is like having a foundation built on sand and your lower back is the house. 

    If the foundation is weak and crumbling, the house is going to have to take on more of the work until something gives. Which in this case is the lower back! 

    So making sure you have built the appropriate foundation and that every muscle is doing its job correctly is crucial when it comes to hip performance. 

    So… now you know how important “FCS” is when it comes to your performance….

    So… what can you do about it?

    By now, you understand that doing WODs every single day isn’t going to magically solve your hip mobility issues. 

    You know you need to do more of “the little things” -  things that go unnoticed but produce huge results.

    You know you need to practice all three performance factors - Flexibility, Control, and Strength...

    You want to have the strong, incredible hips like Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey.

    But you just don’t know how to get there.

    If your experience has been anything like this, I’m sure you’ve tried these things without much result:

    • Stretching before class
    • Banded drills from a rambling Youtube video
    • Asking your coach for more mobility help but they say “just keep practicing….”

    Your coaches keep telling you to “work on mobility” in your free time, but you have no clue what that really means, or where to start.

    Let me ask you a few questions…

    • Are you still stuck scaling down your workouts the exact same way you did last year? Or 6 months ago? Or even last month?
    • Are you having trouble getting into certain positions - Front Squat? OHS? Snatch & Clean?
    • Are you experiencing back aches and pains after Metcons? Maybe even while you sleep?
    • Do you skip workouts because they have movements that you can’t do?

    When you start doing the little things to focus on hip performance, it allows you to break free from these kinds of restrictions, and reach a whole new level. It allows you train with a different mindset; a mindset that will allow you to crush PR’s, perform any movement that you want, and trust your hips to stay healthy.

    Imagine training like this every day in the gym:

    • Stepping up to the bar and having absolute confidence in your mobility to hit full depth - every. single. time.
    • Pressing the bar up for an OHS and knowing that your hips are going to have no problems staying strong, stable, and balanced...
    • WOD calls for 150 reps of Wall Balls? No problem! You’re calm, cool, and collected.
    • Front squats aren’t a reason to skip the gym. In fact, you know a PR is coming...
    • Have the quiet courage to go to the gym when “pistols” show up on the whiteboard. Others are changing the movement, but you’re going Rx...


    Top athletes do it. Now you can too.

    This is exactly why we’ve created a program that will FINALLY help you break free from your shoulder hips once and for all...

    I'd like to Introduce...

    The only training system specifically designed to unlock your hips - guaranteed!

    Our 4-pronged approach:


    We attack mobility with moderate soft tissue work to make the tissue more pliable. Then we obtain lasting mobility changes with dynamic stretches (stretching with movement).


    The most overlooked aspect to hip performance. Each week we give you specific Stability work to perform. This will lock in your new-found mobility to make it permanent!


    Everyone likes to be strong, right? Obtain hip strength with banded movements that train the opposite muscles that you train regularly at your gym.This brings balance and harmony to your hips.


    There’s nothing greater than having total confidence in your hips. Knowing that they can handle anything you throw at them and not get injured in the process is priceless! 

    Beyond this 4-pronged approach, you’ll also learn...

    • How to develop an unwavering mobility habit. The more you spend time in demanding positions, the better you’ll become!
    • Why you should ignore 95% of the traditional “stretch and hold” mobilizations that don’t produce long-term results - and exactly what to focus on instead.
    • A simple framework that gives you quick, easy, and effective mobility flows that you can do from the comfort of your own home.
    • Reduce pain by exposing your hips to low impact, high ROM exercises that rewire your brain and say “it’s OK to be flexible!”
    • “Dynamic” vs. “Static” - why it’s CRITICAL that you understand the difference, and how to implement them both into your mobility flow properly.
    • Why avoiding WODs and “cherry picking” movements is a TERRIBLE plan. We’ll show you why movement is the answer, not avoidance.
    • How to create a “mobility habit” instead of saying “someday…”. We’ll help you build a long-term daily habit that will transform the way you feel inside and outside of the gym.


    OR Four payments of $59

    • WODprep's proven Hip Mobility program, yours for life
    • 8 Weeks of easy to follow programming with demos
    • Includes bonus ankle flexibility program
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    WHAT IS WODprep Academy?

    WODprep Academy is an annual membership that gives you access to every course and bonus video WODprep has to offer. 

    Here’s a full list of the movements and courses that you can access right now as a WODprep Academy member...

    Mobility/ Core / Recovery / Mental Strength:

    • Recovery Rx'd (wearable tech course) - $197 value
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    Upcoming, Included Courses:

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    See what Happy Hips graduates are saying...





    Our guarantee to you!

    If you don’t LOVE this training program, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

    Let me tell you why … I invite you to use Happy Hips for a few weeks and measure your progress (which we’ll do inside the program). All I ask is that you do the work and watch the results. I’m confident you’ll be impressed.

    We’ve built this course over YEARS; pulling from both the self-learning AND coaching aspects of our fitness education. Using things that we’ve taught ourselves, and things that we’ve used to teach hundreds of athletes just like you.

    We’ve thrown out all the things that didn’t work (static stretching, “yoga WODs”, etc.), which leaves only things that actually work – and THAT is what’ you’ll find on the inside of Happy Hips. This course isn’t just about increasing hips mobility (though you will certainly do that…) – it’s about knocking down the biggest obstacle that stands in your way on the road to becoming a better athlete.

    It’s about simple coaching — our life’s work. And if we can help you permanently join the Rx division… or compete… or help you beat a few of your workout buddies in the next snatch WOD… Garry, CJ, and I will consider it a job well done.

    So here’s the simple offer: If you don’t LOVE this training program, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. It’s simple: Join Happy Hips and see for yourself.

    More Happy Hips graduates...



    The 4 key changes you need to make mobility issues a thing of the past:

    Focus vs “do more”

    The old way: "do more"

    When our lifts aren’t going well, the natural reaction we all have is to throw more effort at the problem.

    To do MORE - of everything.

    There’s just one problem - if poor mobility is at the root of the issue, this doesn’t work.

    There’s a better way.

    The new way: Focus

    Focus on one problem area at a time. Spend a couple of months on it to really make some significant progress, then maintain it while you move onto another area.

    In just several weeks time, your lifts will have drastically improved with the increased strength, stability and mobility rather than loading up bad positions with more weight for more reps.

    "You have 15 goals right now. What you have to do is focus and say, "Okay, for the next eight weeks, I'm going to work on this movement."

    Justin Calcagni, WODprep graduate

    A step by step, proven system vs “random internet videos”

    The old way: Watching random internet videos to get better

    You can get a lot of value out of a video.

    We would know - we’ve published dozens of them to help people out.

    But when it comes to those movements you REALLY struggle with, random, disconnected videos aren’t enough.

    Because they don’t give you any kind of progression.

    You just end up thinking, “What the heck am I supposed to do next?”

    The new way: A step by step, proven system

    Don’t you like how when you show up to the gym, the workout is laid out for you?

    It means that you can put all of your focus and effort into just DOING the workout as well as possible.

    Plus, you know that the workout was designed by smart coaches who have gotten people results.

    If you want to improve your hip mobility, you need the exact same thing - specific accessory drills and workouts designed for you by smart coaches.

    So you can feel certain that your energy isn’t being wasted.

    You can just focus on getting better.

    "I was really impressed with WODprep's programming because you saw such a lot of progress in such a short amount of time."

    - Fredrik Strålberg, WODprep graduate

    Helpful, positive feedback from expert coaches vs “hoping your box coach gives you a cue or two”

    The old way: Hoping your box coach gives you a cue or two

    I don’t want to rag on the coaches at your box. Heck, I used to be a coach at a box.

    So I get it. As a coach, you don’t have time to assess everyone’s mobility, give them pointers on how to fix it and check to make sure they’re doing it correctly.

    But where does that leave you?

    Feeling like you’re flying blind.

    The new way: getting feedback from an expert coach

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have an outside observer give you exactly the feedback you need?

    When you get this kind of feedback, it feels like you’re making way faster progress than you would any other way.

    Because you are. It’s one thing to get a cue or two.

    It’s a completely different ball game to have a coach who will give you feedback all the way from “am I doing this right?” to “OK, what was that tiny detail again?”

    "WODprep was so helpful because they provided all the accessory work that the CrossFit classes don't really target."

    - Cindy Kravetz, WODprep graduate

    A community of people dedicated to making the most progress possible vs working on mobility programming on your own

    The old way: working on mobility programming on your own

    If you have ever gotten in early or stayed late after a WOD to work on your mobility, you’re exactly the kind of person I love to coach.

    But let’s be real - isn’t it motivating when you have other people training with you? Like you have in your WODs?

    Wouldn’t you make more progress if you have a community of people who had your back - all of whom were working on their mobility and challenging movements as well?

    The new way: joining a community of people who are dedicated to fixing their weaknesses

    You already probably have a great community at your local box. That community pushes you, encourages you, and motivates you to keep making progress.

    The only problem?

    You don’t have a community where everybody who joins has said,

    “OK, enough is enough. I’m tired of being frustrated with these movements that aren’t clicking for me. I’m going to get serious about my mobility and fixing these weaknesses.”

    Luckily, that’s all about to change.

    "In WODprep's community, it's like - Hey, we're the same here. We both trip up.  So you celebrate each others' victories."

    - Will Rooney, WODprep graduate

    We’ve addressed all of these key 4 changes in our new program, Happy Hips.

    “WODprep is the best accessory programming that I’ve come across.”

    “I’ve Rx'ed three Open workouts so far...”

    ”I’ve developed skills I never thought I would even attempt to do.”

    - WODprep graduates (Fredrik, Julie, Crystal) 

    Expert personal coaching

    • Our coaches have coached thousands and thousands of athletes just like you.
    • Submit videos to get helpful, positive feedback on the nuances of your movements.
    • Feel certain you're doing exactly what you’re supposed to for maximum progress
    • No more wondering, “Am I even doing this movement right?”

    “The WODprep coaches have been phenomenal.”

    “It’s like working with a personal coach that gives you feedback.”

    “They were always really willing to help.

     - WODprep graduates (Cindy, Debbie, John)

    An exclusive Facebook group to support and motivate you

    • We've created a community only for Happy Hips athletes
    • Get encouragement when you’re struggling
    • Encourage others once you master a movement
    • Post videos of your wins and watch the celebrations roll in
    • Feel motivated watching others  make progress

    “You’re not buying a service. You’re joining a community.
    You get encouragement from the other community members.”
    “I really liked seeing the other people post their success videos.”

      - WODprep graduates (Simone, Justin, Holly)

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    OR Four payments of $59

    • WODprep's proven Hip Mobility program, yours for life
    • 8 Weeks of easy to follow programming with demos
    • Includes bonus ankle flexibility program
    • Lifetime money-back guarantee

    Save 93% aT THIS price forever!

    • Access to ALL of WODprep's courses including Happy Hips
    • 6 day money-back guarantee
    • Every future WODprep course at no additional cost
    • Around $1 a day for unlimited access

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