Learn The Exact Nutrition Knowledge You Need To Lose Stubborn Fat, Gain Muscle, and Rx More Workouts!

Forget dieting - this sustainable way of life will give you more energy and make you finally “look like you do CrossFit”

Watch how coach Ben transformed his performance and physique through No Nonsense Nutrition...

Dear Friend,

Coach Ben here.

I’m sitting here with my buddy and nutrition expert, Coach Andy.

He’s sold over 10,000 books on cutting edge nutrition science.

His work has been translated into 5 different languages.

Between the two of us (Andy's coaching results have the RippedBody watermark) - 

We’ve helped thousands of people get in the best shape of their lives.

If you want to lose fat, gain strength, and Rx more workouts…

This will be the most important letter you will ever read.

Here’s why…

When people first start CrossFit®, some people lose all the fat and gain all the muscle they want...

Without doing anything about their nutrition.

But other people, like you and me, don’t see the results we want - even when we work out 4, 5, or even 6 times a week.

Training Hard Isn’t Enough -

You Need Nutrition Knowledge To Hit Your Goals

After much trial and error, I made a discovery.

In order to really “look like you do CrossFit®”, it's not about working out hard.

You know the saying, “You can’t out-train a bad diet?”

It’s completely true.

If You Aren’t Eating Properly - You’ll NEVER Hit Your Goals

You’ll struggle to lose stubborn fat…

You’ll feel gassed in your WODs, when you’re only halfway done…

And you’ll fail to hit new PRs.

So, maybe now you’re thinking,
“OK Coach Ben. I’ll be good and eat my veggies. You happy now?”

Sorry my friend...

Just “Eating Healthy” Isn’t Specific Enough To See Results!

Trust me, eating more vegetables is good for you.

But if you really want to take ownership of your nutrition goals -

And build lean muscle while shedding your excess body fat... 

While having the energy to CRUSH more PRs….

You need a plan that’s much more specific.

It’s the difference between me telling you:

“Hey, move around more in the gym. Lift some weights.”

And me telling you,

"Do 3 rounds for time of 15 push-ups, 20 Calories on the Assault bike, and 30 double unders."

See the difference?

You’re gonna get WAY better results with a specific plan.

Paleo, Keto, And The Rest Are Too Restrictive For The Long Run

So what about doing one of these paleo diets, ketogenic diets, or 30-day nutrition challenges?

In most cases they still have the problem of not being customized enough to your specific body type and training goals.

And some people lose a LOT of energy when they go on one of these overly restrictive diets.

See, most versions of these restrictive diets only work in the short term -

Because they force you to cut out entire categories of food, like carbs or all grains.

Which is why they cause some people lose a lot of energy -

And workout performance.

“Once I got my nutrition under control I started seeing gains.”

"There were nights when I felt like I didn't have the energy to get through the workout.

I was getting frustrated.

But once I got my nutrition under control I started hitting PR's - Where I hadn't been hitting them before. 

I started having more energy, and more stamina.

Having that knowledge about nutrition has made all the difference in the world.
" - Blake M.

Blake M.

There Are Many Studies Proving Keto and Paleo Diets Work… 

So Why Doesn't It Always Work That Way In The “Real World”?

Here’s a shocking discovery Andy and I have made...

Trying to diet without knowing how nutrition works can actually make you GAIN fat and LOSE muscle!

And it gets even worse...

After you’ve yo-yo dieted enough, it gets hard to make progress in the gym.

You’re not eating enough, or you’re eating way too much…

You’re just following a general eating plan -

That’s not customized to you.

And there’s another problem with paleo, keto, meal plans and the rest...

Because they don’t teach you the underlying knowledge you need to adjust your nutrition to fit your goals!

I mean... 

Have you ever seen somebody in the gym who’s always on a new meal plan, diet, or challenge - 

But they never seem to look any different?

The bottom line is this...

If you don’t learn the foundational knowledge of how nutrition works -

It’s almost impossible to lose that stubborn fat, gain strength and muscle, and have the energy to Rx more workouts.

And even if you do make progress for a little while with a restrictive diet...

Most of the time you’ll “fall off the wagon”, ending up right back where you started.

But Now There’s No Nonsense Nutrition...

The Only Nutrition Course That Teaches You Everything You Need To Know To Take Ownership of Your Goals

No Nonsense Nutrition is a nutrition course Coach Andy and I developed...

For the CrossFitter who wants to take ownership of how they look in the mirror and how they perform in their WODs.

I’m talking about permanent fat loss.

Long term muscle gain.

And endless energy in the gym...

Not the temporary BS water weight loss and "diet fatigue" that restrictive diets give you.

Getting To Know Your Nutrition Expert - Coach Andy

I’ve coached thousands of people in CrossFit®.

However, I’m not a nutrition expert.

So, when I was having nutrition problems of my own, and going through my “Dad Bod” phase...

I called up my friend Andy.

He’s a body recomposition and nutrition expert
for people who want to get into incredible shape.

I mean...

Just look at some of the results Andy’s private coaching clients have seen.

Please note these are his 1 on 1 coaching clients, paying $1500 every 2 weeks for his time:

Together with Andy’s expertise, we’ve come up with a simple system -

That teaches you everything you need to know about nutrition!

What we've created BLOWS AWAY the generic approaches to “eating healthy”!

We’ve made it easy to completely personalize your nutrition for your body, training, and goals.

Here’s what we’ve come up with:

Proper Nutrition Is All About Personalized Macros

You need to understand “macros” to really be in control of your nutrition.

This means knowing exactly how much protein, fat, and carbs you should be eating each day -

Depending on your body composition, training volume, and performance goals.

But, why is that important?

What role do macros have in losing fat, gaining muscle, and having the energy to crush more PRs?

Here's your answer.

Nutrition is all about balance:

Too much protein, and you might find it hard to stick with your diet.

Too little, and you’ll be hungry constantly.

And you might actually lose a bunch of muscle and strength. 

Same with fat - too much, you could end up massively overdoing the calories.

But too little, and you’ll have a hard time staying satisfied -

And your hormones will get all messed up.

Finally, you need to be eating the right amount of carbs.

If you’re trying to Rx workouts without eating enough carbs, you’re fighting an uphill battle!

But at the same time, if you’re crushing wayyyy too much bread each day, you’ll have a hard time losing weight.

This means you just need to dial in the right and proper macros for YOU… 

And your excess body fat and low energy levels will be totally eliminated.

In other words, No Nonsense Nutrition allows you to safely and effectively take ownership your nutrition goals. 


-  Shedding fat

- Gaining muscle

- Having more energy to fuel your workouts

Or even all 3.

In fact...

Just Getting Your Protein Intake Right Will Help You Feel Less Hungry -

Without Making Any Other Changes!

And when you eat the right amount of protein -

In addition to using the free “muscle gain bonus content” we’ve added to the No Nonsense Nutrition program…

You’ll see some of the best strength and muscle gains you’ve ever seen!

No matter what your goal is, No Nonsense Nutrition will give you the knowledge you need -

To take ownership of your physique and gym performance.

Let me put it to you this way...

Nutrition is what fuels your body.

So, by eating properly, it’s like doing a deep overhaul of your car’s engine.

Your car’s engine uses very precise amounts of fuel and air -

Along with precise timing, to create “mini explosions” of power.

Too much fuel, air, or bad timing?

Your engine is in trouble.

Just like your macros...

When you have the wrong amounts, no matter how much you push the “pedal to the metal” in the gym…

You don’t see the results you want.

It’s like driving with one foot on the brakes and one foot on the gas.

But when you get your nutrition RIGHT…

Your metabolic engine runs SMOOTH.

You burn off your excess fat for energy...

And you have enough protein to build lean muscle.

And you have tons of energy -

So when you “push the pedal down” in a workout, you MOVE!

If that were the ONLY thing No Nonsense Nutrition taught you it would still be a totally kick-ass course...

But We Also Added In All The Habit Building Knowledge You Need To Eat Right FOREVER - Without “Dieting”!

In addition to helping you understand the nuts and bolts of nutrition and how to apply it to your goals...

We also break down the psychology of making changes to your eating.

Past clients say this “behavior hacking” knowledge helped them make this change a way of life.

One that’s easy to maintain.

Because No Nonsense Nutrition IS NOT a diet, and doesn’t have all of the restrictions that come with that.

It’s a nutrition course… that will help you enjoy eating in ways that support your goals!

The combination of the specific macronutrient knowledge and “habit hacking” in No Nonsense Nutrition can produce...

Up To 42 Pounds Of Fat Loss, While Gaining Muscle And Hitting New PRs!

“I Dropped 42 Pounds and Added 10 kg to My Power Clean.”

"Because of No Nonsense Nutrition... My energy is so much better. My strength is so much better.

I'm not tired anymore. I’ve dropped about three stone (42 pounds). 

And I jumped up 10kg on my power clean... Which I've been struggling on for a long long time.

The downside?

I've now dropped two dress sizes, so it's costing me a fortune in new clothes, haha." - 
Rhiannon W. 

Rhiannon W.

Here’s some of the knowledge you’ll learn in only 8 weeks with No Nonsense Nutrition...

  • Exactly how much protein you need to support muscle growth - while keeping your metabolism revving so you shed excess body fat
  • How to use carbs for performance, so you have maximum energy in the gym, with plenty of “gas in the tank” - without gaining fat
  • How to prevent “hormone issues” from sabotaging your performance in the gym through proper amounts of healthy fats
  • How to know if you’re eating too little calories, too much, or just the right amount for YOUR height, weight, training schedule, and goals!
  • Which nutrition actions are the MAJOR BUILDING BLOCKS you need to master… and which ones are minor details! (Spoiler… meal timing isn’t NEARLY as important as most people think)
  • How to feel more energy in the gym than you ever have before - so you don’t get gassed in the middle of your workouts!
  • How to adjust your calories, protein, carbs, and fat if you’re not seeing the results you want!

And Best Of All...
No Nonsense Nutrition
Isn’t A Diet,
Meal Plan,
Or Challenge!

That Means There Is:

  • No cutting out entire foods or macros, like ice cream or carbs
  • No “starvation” calorie levels that just make you rebound and gain all the weight back (and then some)
  • No “get big at any costs” approach to gaining muscle (and fat along with it)
  • No arbitrary “points” or “rules” - other than the “rules” of chemistry!
  • No BS cleanses or detoxes that make you lose water weight, and nothing else...
  • No impossible-to-follow meal plans that make you hate eating...
  • No expensive supplements you need to waste your money on! (in fact, we usually help save people over $520 per year in supplements alone)
  • No “diet dogma” that keeps you from eating out with friends!
  • No wacky recipes that require tons of weird ingredients

Past Students Have Reported New PRs, Losing Body Fat, While Gaining Energy and Muscle

“I’m Getting Faster and Stronger Every Day”

"Before taking No Nonsense Nutrition... I was struggling with low energy in my morning WODs.

Since completing the course, I’m getting faster and stronger every day!

I learned how to hydrate more efficiently and get the proper nutrients before my workout.

I also learned I could eat more food than I was allowing myself.

And who doesn’t want to eat more food?!

I’m feeling super fit and have energy for days.

Thanks so much Andy and Ben, for the best and most entertaining nutrition course I’ve ever taken!

It’s worth every penny." - 
Amy C. 

Amy C.

“I’ve Lost 10 Pounds And Kept That Weight Off”

"You see these CrossFit athletes who are all abs and chiseled, and it's like,

"I've been doing CrossFit for so long... I'm doing so well at CrossFit... I really want to feel like I look like that as well."

I ended up losing 10+ pounds, and I’ve kept that weight off for the past year.

And I did much better in the Open.

Because gymnastics movements that rely on body weight - Like pull ups, handstands, pushups, and ring dips became easier.

It feels great." - 
Sarah R. 

Sarah R.

What You Get With

No Nonsense Nutrition is NOT a diet or weight loss program.

It’s an 8 week curriculum designed to teach you everything you need to know to own your athletic goals.

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside:

WEEK 1 ($129 value)

Learn Exactly How Much You’re Eating Through Logging

  • How Ben transformed his “Dad Bod” into amazing shape
  • Find your “baseline” for calorie needs
  • How to track your food intake precisely
  • How to set goals that you can actually achieve

WEEK 2 ($179 Value)

Making Food Choices Easy With Your New, Improved “Food Pyramid”

  • Why making your way of eating EASY is the most important step
  • What’s more important - calories? Protein intake? Meal timing?
  • How to adjust your calories as your goals change
  • What’s the deal with supplements - are they necessary? Do they help?

WEEK 3 ($279 Value)

How Much Protein, Fat, and Carbs Do You Actually Need?

  • How to calculate your TRUE protein needs (you might be surprised)
  • Why carbs are actually very important to fat loss and CrossFit® performance
  • Fat intake - and its impact on your hormones and health
  • An easy method to make meals based on your macros

WEEK 4 ($189 Value)

The Right Vitamins and Minerals For Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and Increased Energy

  • One of the EASIEST performance hacks for better workouts (it’s simpler than you think)
  • Break down common myths about nutrient timing - and how it relates to important workouts like the Open
  • Understand how micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) impact your body and how to master them

WEEK 5 ($279 Value)

Cutting Through The BS Around Supplements, Popular Diets, and Detoxes

  • Which supplements are useful, and which are bogus
  • Are the current “trendy” diets useful? Or full of crap?
  • Detoxes, fad diets, and the biggest diet “facepalms”

WEEK 6 ($229 Value)

Making Change Easy Through Habit Hacking - “The Mental Game”

  • Setting up your “food environment” for the easiest possible results
  • How to commit to your goals and stop falling off the wagon
  • What to do if you mess up (hint: it’s not about discipline)

WEEK 7 ($299 Value)

Making Adjustments, Tracking Progress, and Owning Your Results

  • How to know if you’re actually making progress
  • How to break out of a plateau
  • The best way to track your results over time

WEEK 8 ($227 Value)

How to finish strong with exclusive bonuses

  • What to do after No Nonsense Nutrition.
  • Bonus 'deep dive' section: Everything you ever wanted to know about nutrition as it relates to muscle gain
  • Review Ben & Andy's recorded calls to hear frequently asked questions and answers.

You Also Get These Included Bonuses...

BONUS - Macro calculation “cheat sheet” to help you quickly calculate your calorie goals. 

BONUS - A guide on how to take progress pictures so that you can track your body’s transformation with accuracy

Bonus: Your FAQs About Nutrition, Answered

In this recorded coaching call, you’ll learn:

  • The TRUTH behind cheat meals and cheat days
  • What should you do if you “fall off the wagon?”
  • What do Ben and Andy actually eat for high protein?

Bonus: The Habits You Need For Success and Personal Freedom

  • Learn Ben’s exact daily success routine
  • The #1 thing you should do today to make tomorrow productive
  • The “anti-habit” that’s killing your motivation before the day even starts

Bonus: WODprep Masterclass

How to Win the Mental Game of CrossFit

In this recorded coaching call with the WODprep coaching team, you’ll learn:

  • The key mindsets that will ensure your long term CrossFit Success
  • Book suggestions from the WODprep team that will help you master your mental edge
  • Tips to winning your mental battles and achieving your goals as an athlete
  • How to stay mentally strong when the going gets tough

NEW FOR 2022: Updated challenges, Calculators and Progress Tracking

  • New and improved weekly challenges for ultimate accountability.
  • Updated course calculators to easily work out your energy requirements. 
  • Brand new Progress Tracker that combines all the action items from Week 3 through to 8 in one easy to use sheet. Also includes a walk through video so you'll know exactly what you're doing. 

Here’s What People Are Saying About No Nonsense Nutrition

“I Gained 8 Pounds of Muscle and Lost 5.5% Body Fat”

"I work out up to six days a week.

But I wasn’t gaining strength, and I wasn't losing body fat.

But after No Nonsense Nutrition, I gained eight pounds of muscle, and I lost 5.5% body fat.

Now I feel healthier. My clothes fit better.

And I carry myself differently.

My CrossFit instructor even told me - “you look really great. You look strong.”

That felt motivating." -
Jen F.

Jen F.

“No Nonsense has Been The Best Thing I’ve Done”

"I lost the 10 to 12 pounds I wanted to.

The best thing is I've even lost a few more.

Then I've been able to keep it all off.

It was definitely the knowledge that I needed.

No Nonsense so far has been the best thing I've done."

- Mike C.

Mike C.

Andy's Education Cost $41,583...
This Course Has At LEAST $1842 of Value!

Andy here. Just wanted to let you guys know:

When you combine the $41,583 I’ve invested over the past 7 years in my professional education…

And the fact that this program isn’t offered anywhere else, at any other time…

It makes it a no-brainer to sign up for this right now.

I told Ben to raise the price to align closer with my coaching rate - $1500.

But he insisted that we keep the program accessible to as many people as possible.

It’s no skin off my back - but if I were you, I would sign up for this ASAP.

Because next time, I might be able to convince Ben to bump up the price!

See you inside the course,

Coach Andy


OR Four payments of $59

  • Learn The Exact Nutrition Knowledge You Need To Lose Stubborn Fat, Gain Muscle, and Rx Workouts!
  • 8 Weeks of easy to follow programming with demos.
  • Lifetime money back guarantee

Save 93% aT THIS price forever!

If you purchase No Nonsense Nutrition and don't love your results, I insist that you get 100% of your money back

What is WODprep Academy?

WODprep Academy is an annual membership that gives you access to every course and bonus video WODprep has to offer. 

Here’s a full list of the movements and courses that you can access right now as a WODprep Academy member...

Mobility/ Core / Recovery / Mental Strength:

  • Recovery Rx'd (wearable tech course) - $197 value
  • Strong Mind with Dawn Fletcher - $147 value
  • ShoulderROM Unlocked (shoulder mobility) - $197 value
  • Functional Core (core strength and stability) - $197 value
  • Happy Hips (hip mobility) - $197 value
  • Ankle Flexibility Solution - $59 value
  • Back to Performance - $197 value

Muscle Ups:

  • Muscle Up Madness (ring muscle ups) - $197 value
  • Bar Muscle Up Mastery - $197 value


  • Confident Kick Up - $97 value
  • Handstand Push-up Power - $197 value
  • Handstand Walk Hero - $197 value


  • Strict Pull-up Strength - $197 value
  • Kickass Kip Swing- $59 value
  • Rapid Rope Climb - $59 value
  • Kipping Pull-up Performance - $197 value
  • Butterfly Pull-up Breakthrough - $197 value


  • WODprep Weightlifting - $297 value

Other movements:

  • NEW - Double Under Pro - $197 Value
  • Double Under Foundations - $97 Value
  • Toes To Bar Transformed - $197 value
  • Grip Strength Goals - $39 value
  • Double Unders Unleashed - $197 value
  • Single Under Solution - $97 value

Nutrition And Cardio:

  • Burpee Blueprint - $59 value
  • Endless Engine - $299 value
  • Endless Engine Running Only - $97
  • No Nonsense Nutrition - $299 value

Featured Bonuses:

  • Secrets to Mental Toughness - $59 value
  • The RX Roadmap - $97 value
  • Breathe For Peak Performance - $97 value
  • Engine Secrets For Your Best Open Performance  - $97
  • Many more... 

Upcoming, Included Courses:

  • Handstand Course Refresh
  • Body Weight Ninja 
  • Strength Building
  • And MORE....

No Nonsense Nutrition works! 

“Since No Nonsense Nutrition, I’ve lost 32 pounds.”

"I was tired of working so hard at the gym but not really losing weight.

And my bad eating was hindering my performance. A lot of times, I would just be gassed before the workout was over.

Since No Nonsense Nutrition, I’ve lost 32 pounds. And I’ve slowly, steadily noticed that my energy is up.

I’m lasting longer through workouts. I can bike faster and row faster, and I'm not as exhausted. 

My doctor said, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it because your health is amazing." - 
Camille P.

Camille P.

“I Feel Amazing - Well Worth The Investment”

"This course can only improve your life;

This is information and strategies that you will use forever.

I was able to manage my nutrition so that I wasn’t restricted.

I was able to go out for meals, have drinks on the weekends and enjoy things (like Easter) guilt-free.

I feel amazing and it was well worth the investment!"

Kiralee C.

Kiralee C.

“I lost 15.4 lbs!”

"I know I lost 15.4 lbs and my waist was reduced 3 inches.

My waist really went down, as I am in pants I haven’t been in for 3 years…"

- Scott B. 

Scott B.

Coach Ben here.

Let’s be real - this program isn’t a good fit for everyone.

And I don’t want you to waste your time...

If this program isn’t the right fit for you.

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You just want a diet or meal plan handed to you to blindly follow.
  • You want a restrictive diet that restricts you from eating certain food groups
  • You don’t want to understand the underlying principles of nutrition
  • You don’t care about long-term results
  • You are looking for a “detox” or a “cleanse”
  • You aren’t willing to give the program a fair shot, and put the work in
  • You’re expecting a “magic bullet” that doesn’t require any effort
  • You don’t have at least 30 minutes per week to devote to the course

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your “LIFETIME NO B.S.” guarantee?

If you do not see REAL results, simply email us and we will refund you – no questions asked.

No matter how long has much time has passed!

We stand behind No Nonsense Nutrition, and past students have proven this program is effective – that’s why we can have such bold guarantees.

How do I know that I’m ready?

Trust me, you’re ready.

There are no minimum requirements for beginning No Nonsense Nutrition – even if you know nothing at all about nutrition, you’ll be brought up to speed in the first couple of weeks.

What if I’m unhappy with the course?

 If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us and we will give you a full refund. We know that this is the best, no B.S. course out there, which is why we have the best guarantee!

How long do I have access to the course?


After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Plus, once you join you’ll get updates, new versions, bonuses, and coaching calls – for life. As we refine and improve things with the latest research, you’ll get lifetime access to all the new material.

The WODprep coaching platform is specifically designed to work on mobile phones, iPads, laptops, and home computers.

What if I’m really busy?

The video lectures range anywhere from 2 minutes to 27 minutes and so are easy to slot in to your schedule whenever suits.

Sometimes you might just watch one video, and other days you might have time to get through 2 or 3 at a time. It’s entirely up to you!

When does the course start and finish?

You can start whenever you’re ready (even if it’s not right away)! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

The programming will be released on a weekly basis and we will have live coaching calls to follow along with everyone’s progress.

We highly recommend following the pace prescribed within the system so that you can learn more quickly and stay accountable!

Remember – you can start whenever you want and repeat as many times as you’d like!

You're Protected by a 100%, No Questions Asked LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee #1:


You'll either make TONS of progress - progress you're incredibly proud of - or you'll just email us and get your money back.

No questions asked!

Guarantee #2:


Even if you just decide that you don't like Ben's haircut inside of one of the coaching videos.....

You can get your money back!

No BS, no hassles, no headache!

Here’s my ironclad, 100% money-back, “no questions asked”, no hassle guarantee for you...

Give the No Nonsense Nutrition course a fair shot and you’ll:

...Learn how to shed fat…

...what macros you need to ensure muscle gain and maintenance…

...and how to keep your energy tank full during long, tough WODs.

But if for some strange reason you don't...

Simply send us an email AT ANY TIME to get a full refund.

Yes, you heard me right - you can return No Nonsense Nutrition ANYTIME to get a full refund!

No time limits.

No stipulations.

No risk on your part.

You might think I’m crazy to give a money-back guarantee with no time limit….

But from past experience we’ve found that this knowledge is so valuable, you’ll feel like this course is worth 10x what you invest in it!

The truth is…

I can offer a no-risk guarantee because I know so many past students who have gotten crazy good results

Invest in the course. There’s absolutely no risk to you.

And when you’re hitting that new PR...

In those new workout clothes you had to buy because your body has transformed…

You’ll be glad you did.


Coach Ben


This program won’t be open again for a long time. Probably not until January 2023.

And the next time around, this course will probably increase in price.

So if you want to finally take ownership of how you look, and how you perform in the gym…

You owe it to yourself to invest in this program, RIGHT NOW.

And remember - you have a LIFETIME 100% money-back guarantee if for some reason you change your mind.

See you inside the course

If you purchase No Nonsense Nutrition and don't love your results, I insist that you get 100% of your money back

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OR Four payments of $59

  • Learn The Exact Nutrition Knowledge You Need To Lose Stubborn Fat, Gain Muscle, and Rx Workouts!
  • 8 Weeks of easy to follow programming with demos.
  • Lifetime money back guarantee

Save 93% aT THIS price forever!

  • Access to ALL of WODprep's courses including Strict Pull-up Strength
  • 6 month money back guarantee
  • Every future WODprep course at no additional cost

If you purchase No Nonsense Nutrition and don't love your results, I insist that you get 100% of your money back

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