“My shoulders are tight, sore, and never seem to get any better. I could do so much more if they weren’t holding me back ...”

Does this sound like you?


“If I I could just unlock my shoulder mobility... I’d be able to speed up my progress in the gym, Rx more workouts, increase my weights, and finally have pain-free overhead squats!”

What if your shoulders didn’t rob you of reps, weights, and Rx movements?

What if you didn’t have to deal with constant aches and pains in your shoulders?

What if you were considered “the flexible athlete” at your gym - making every movement look effortless?

Hi, I am Ben, CEO and Founder of WODprep, former gym owner and regional athlete.

Since the inception of WODprep I’ve helped countless athletes get their first muscle ups, string together their first toes to bar, achieve their first kipping or butterfly pull-ups. After several years, I’ve seen thousands of incredible stories from our athletes across the globe.

These athletes wear these accomplishments like a badge of honor on their sleeve and it’s incredible to be a part of their journey! 

WODprep athlete Rose Wall with her amazing support team from Titan CrossFit and Outsiders CrossFit. She finished 7th place at the CrossFit® Games this year! Go Rose!

But what do I see most often? I see struggle. I see frustration. I see many athletes who desperately need a coach to help them break through their plateaus. 

Has your mobility ever made you want to “give up” on a movement?

Has your mobility ever made you want to “give up” on a movement?

What do you notice about the above comment?

For me, this is an example of everything I worry about as a coach:

  • Pain
  • Avoidance
  • Feeling "stuck"
  • Intimidation & Fear

Some athletes struggle with just one of these at a time, and the consequences can be debilitating. Other athletes, like Hakan, have multiple factors that hold them back and prevent them from reaching their full potential.

So I started looking at it from a bird’s-eye view. On one hand, I had tons of athletes from all over the world crushing PR’s, accomplishing new skills, and improving their metcons on a daily basis. We even had a handful of WODprep athletes make it to the CrossFit® Games in the masters division!

But on the other hand, I had even more athletes struggling to get just one pull-up, do their first real overhead squat, or go an entire week without shoulder pain. Despite several months, even years of work, they couldn’t seem to get past these problems.

Why were so many athletes getting stuck?

Why did I have some that were in pain?

Why were so many struggling to get into basic positions like the front rack or overhead squat?
Many athletes were making these movements look easy, but others seemed so far away.

Luckily, after a couple years of coaching 100% online, I finally found the missing link. There was one main factor that separated the “haves” and the “have nots”. It was the difference between “OHS are easy for me” from “I might give up”...

As it turns out, the missing link was this:

Shoulder performance!

At WODprep, we thought we were doing the right thing - we had programs specifically designed for Muscle Ups, Kipping Pull-ups, and TTB. We had thousands of success stories, but there were always a few athletes who felt like they could never break through.

We were missing a huge piece of the puzzle - a program specially designed to develop the foundation of all functional movements - shoulder mobility!

We realized that you can have some of the best coaching cues in the world, but if the athlete doesn’t have great shoulder mechanics, it’s like trying to paddle upstream.

As a coach, it was killing me to hear athletes say:

“I just want to feel comfortable in my OHS.”

“I want to be able to OHS more than just the bar.”

“My shoulders hurt every time I do kipping pull-ups.”

“I can’t even get into the position you are asking me to. My shoulders are stuck!”

The last thing I wanted to do was cause injury or pain in these shoulder-demanding positions. I didn’t want to see people getting hurt and leaving their normal CrossFit® gyms because they couldn’t get past their shoulder pain.

Here’s just a few samples of the comments we get on a daily basis:

“I'm working through a shoulder injury, as well as being 60. I recovered from a shoulder injury on one side, and now my 1RM clean is 80 lbs, my snatch is 75. OHS is dismal at 50 lbs, as I’m so slow, lacking stability. Currently working through a shoulder issue on the other side. I really lack all 3 of these [mobility, stability and strength] but mainly stability." - Rose R.

“Probably my biggest struggle is with mobility, along with some weakness in stability. My goal with this program would be to improve sufficiently so that the Overhead squat feels more comfortable — right now, once I get above 75 pounds it is quite shaky — and to feel more comfortable with my snatch and, in particular, catching it in the squat position. I think the mobility issues are particular to my shoulders — I have a good squat and good front rack position. But getting my head through the window in an overhead position is a challenge.”      - Andrew B.

In my head, I am screaming “we can fix this!”

We’re desperately trying to prevent people from going through “The 5 stages of a struggling athlete.”

  • Motivated: “Ok, I can’t do this movement YET, but soon enough…”
  • Discouragement: “Hmm, I have been trying to get better for months and still no change. This sucks :(”
  • Opinion Confusion: Athlete starts getting opinions from other random gym members, asks their coach every day how to get better, finds a bunch of differing opinions online.
  • Info. OVERLOAD: By this point they have heard so many opinions that they don’t know which way is up from down. What actually works?!
  • Give up/Injury: At this stage an athlete has ruled out the movement altogether saying “it will never happen for me”. Or they keep trying to push through the pain and wind up injured, hardly able to sleep through the night.

Do you know anyone like this?

Are you pointing at yourself? Are you somewhere between stage 1 and stage 6?

These days it's easy to end up overloaded and become paralyzed because of too much information being thrown in your face. We have so many people giving us different advice that it’s hard to know where to start. We don’t know if we should use more lacrosse ball smashing, or more banded stretches, or more dynamic stretches (What is a dynamic stretch anyway?). Should we just take a break and let our shoulders heal?

Don’t get me wrong, I know people who belong to some great CrossFit® boxes with some of the best coaching in the world, and they still come to us with issues. It’s nearly impossible to find a coach who doesn’t have other athletes to manage, a gym to run, and classes to control - they don’t have time to write customized programming to help you with your shoulder mobility issues. And if they did, it would be thousands of dollars over a few months.

But somehow, at that same exact gym, there’s an athlete who can OHS 250+ lbs, and they can get 5+ unbroken muscle ups. And they’re following the EXACT same programming you are!


They make the movements look EASY... even graceful…

You often find yourself staring at them in amazement.

You may even tell yourself, “I’ll never be able to make it look like that.”

However, I am here to tell you that you CAN have that success.

You CAN break through your shoulder mobility limitations.

But first, you need to apply the MS² system.

If you remember from our first Shoulder Mobility MasterClass coaching video, we talked a lot about it.

We identified whether you struggle with shoulder mobility, stability, or strength.

MS2 System

You need to get into the “performance zone”!

And when we look at those high performing athletes that seem to not struggle with any movements at all, what that really means is that they don’t struggle with any of the three aspects! Their shoulders are in balance. They have the necessary strength, stability, and mobility!

They have adequate mobility in all ranges of motion that is required of the shoulder, which allows them to get into a front rack position or have a close grip OHS.

They have enough stability to control a heavy weight overhead and they make the rings look easy!

Lastly, high performers have enough scapular strength to balance out all the big lifts, and stay pain-free despite the shoulder demands that we go through on a daily basis in the gym (i.e shoulder press, pull-ups, dips, muscle ups, etc.).

So what’s their secret?

Why can so many people thrive in this sport, but others feel so stuck?



If you want to unlock your shoulder performance, you MUST consistently work on proper shoulder mechanics day in and day out.

Instead of waiting for that scary and painful moment, smart athletes dedicate 10-15 minutes each workout to make sure their shoulders are moving right and feeling good.

A simple habit like this will help you move toward and stay in the “Performance Zone” of the MS² System

Consistency is powerful.

So powerful in fact, that I had just assumed that everyone knew it already and implemented it in their gym/programming. I assumed wrong...

It took me a long time of coaching our muscle up program to figure this out. After interviewing athletes and diving deep into their issues, I was able to find out the sad truth:

Consistency isn’t sexy.

Shoulder drills just don’t seem beneficial.

Instead of working on their shoulder mechanics on a daily basis, everyone would rather practice the big, sexier movements like Snatches, Pull-ups, Muscle Ups, and HSPUs.

Do you identify with this athlete?

5 years!? Not being able to do a full clean?!

Unfortunately, messages like this show that some coaches aren’t teaching the unsexy, small things that should be done on a consistent basis to produce the big results.

These little things can either make or break you. It can make you that athlete who flies through a WOD like “Nancy”:

       15 OHS 95/65
       400m Run

Or the athlete who will never get past overhead squatting the 15lb trainer bar.

The accessory drills we teach aren’t big and sexy, but they're exactly what generate high-performing, pain-free shoulders!

Why do you think Gymnasts spend hours making their shoulders mobile, stabile, and strong?

Photo credit: T-nation.com

Because it allows them to go out there and do the crazy flips, twists, and put a insane amounts of torque on their shoulders - all without injury.

But, there is a small group of functional athletes (just like you) who understand that doing WODs every single day isn’t going to magically solve their shoulder issues. They know they need to do more, the little things, the things that go unnoticed but produce huge results.

They know they need to be in the performance zone of the MS² system.

They want to have the strong, incredible shoulders like Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey.

But they just don’t know how to get there.

If you’re experience has been anything like this, I’m sure you have tried stretching before class, following your coach’s warm-up, and even going into the gym early to do mobilizations that you found a doctor rambling about on YouTube.

However, nothing seems to last.

Your coaches keep telling you to “work on mobility” in your free time, but you have no clue what that really means, or where to start.

You may have even tried some popular “stretch and hold” techniques or long, gruelling 45-minute "Yoga-for-CrossFit®" mobility classes, but none of it seems to be helping your shoulders at all!

Let me ask you a few questions…

  • Are you still stuck scaling down your workouts the exact same way you did last year? Or 6 months ago? Or even last month?
  • Are you having trouble getting into certain positions - Front Rack? OHS? Kipping pull-ups? 
  • Are you experiencing aches and pains after metcons? Maybe even while you sleep?

When you start doing the little things to focus on shoulder performance, it allows you to break free from these kinds of restrictions, and reach a whole new level. It allows you train with a different mindset; a mindset that will allow you to crush PR’s, perform any moment that you want, and trust your shoulders to stay healthy.

Imagine training like this every day in the gym: 

  • Stepping up to the bar and having absolute confidence in your shoulders instead of, “Oh man, I don’t know if my left shoulder is going to feel good doing these Snatches...”
  • Grabbing the rings and knowing that your shoulders are going to have no problems with ring dips, ring pull-ups, or even muscle ups.
  • The WOD calls for lots of kipping? No problem! 
  • We’re working from the front rack today? Easy ;)
  • Knowing that you're capable of Rx-ing every shoulder-intensive metcon

Top athletes do it. Now you can too.

This is exactly why we’ve created a program that will FINALLY help you break free from your shoulder restrictions once and for all...


OR Four payments of $59

  • WODprep's proven shoulder mobility program, yours for life
  • 8 Weeks of follow along programming
  • Includes bonus stability training
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee

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  • Access to ALL of WODprep's courses including ShoulderROM Unlocked
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WHAT IS WODprep Academy?

WODprep Academy is an annual membership that gives you access to every course and bonus video WODprep has to offer. 

Here’s a full list of the movements and courses that you can access right now as a WODprep Academy member...

Mobility/ Core / Recovery / Mental Strength:

  • Recovery Rx'd (wearable tech course) - $197 value
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  • Functional Core (core strength and stability) - $197 value
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  • Muscle Up Madness (ring muscle ups) - $197 value
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Nutrition And Cardio:

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Featured Bonuses:

  • Secrets to Mental Toughness - $59 value
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  • Many more... 

Upcoming, Included Courses:

  • Raw Strength (Coming Spring 2024)
  • Body Weight Ninja 
  • Handstand Course Refresh
  • And MORE....

Here’s what previous athletes had to say about their success with ShoulderROM

“Almost straight away my thoracic spine started to feel better. I used to take painkillers fairly regularly when it flared up, but I haven’t needed to take any since starting the program. Maybe a month or so in, I noticed less strain when kipping on the pull-up bar and was even able to start linking chest to bar pull-ups and working on my toes to bar properly.” - Holly J.

“I had absolutely no hesitations ‘cause I started the program while I had big problems with both my shoulders. They were hurting and stopping me from doing great movements at CrossFit® and in my daily life. I spent thousands of dollars to health practitioners, chiropractors, and other specialists to help rehabilitate them, but the best they did was to have me rest from CrossFit® to feel better.” - Marie-Frederique


Our guarantee to you!

If you don’t LOVE this training program, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

Let me tell you why … I invite you to use ShoulderROM Unlocked for a few weeks and measure your progress (which we’ll do inside the program). All I ask is that you do the work and watch the results. I’m confident you’ll be impressed.

We’ve built this course over YEARS; pulling from both the self-learning AND coaching aspects of our fitness education. Using things that we’ve taught ourselves, and things that we’ve used to teach hundreds of athletes just like you.

We’ve thrown out all the things that didn’t work (static stretching, “yoga WODs”, etc.) leaving only things that actually work – and THAT is what you’ll find on the inside of ShoulderROM. This course isn’t just about increasing shoulder mobility (though you will certainly do that) – it’s about knocking down the biggest obstacle that stands in your way on the road to becoming a better athlete.

It’s about simple coaching — our life’s work. And if we can help you permanently join the Rx division… or compete… or help you beat a few of your workout buddies in the next snatch WOD… Garry, CJ, and I will consider it a job well done.

So here’s the simple offer: If you don’t LOVE this training program, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. It’s simple: Join ShoulderROM and see for yourself.

Note: Limited Seats Available.

Get ShoulderROM Unlocked today!

See what graduates are saying...

Tres K. , CrossFit Gardendale

Amanda M. , NutritionWOD Owner

Remember: “Shoulder Mobility” is VERY misunderstood.

If you’ve been taught that traditional “banded stretching” and “ROM Yoga” is going to create long-lasting changes in your shoulder performance, unfortunately you’ve been led astray!

You need a proven training system – one designed to help athletes just like you create lasting change (not just temporary mobility band-aids).

Instead of aimlessly practicing, watching random videos, and getting frustrated – you need to practice with a plan. You need to know the exact sets, reps and drills that create strong, mobile, and pain-free shoulders!

Good news – you don’t need to guess any more …

You can be in the “performance zone”.

You can have mobility, stability, & strength.

You can get that PR without worry.

You can master that kipping movement you’ve chased for so long.

You can get rid of your aches, pains, and stiffness.

In eight weeks from now, are you still going to be struggling with the same shoulder problems?

Or are you going do something about it?

Are you going to keep doing your normal WODs, complaining about your struggles?

Or will you simply follow the ShoulderROM program, for 10-15 minutes a day, and finally unlock your shoulders?

The choice is yours. We are here to help

What are you going to do?

Here’s what you’ll get inside of ShoulderROM Unlocked:


We attack mobility with moderate soft tissue work to make the tissue more pliable. Then we obtain lasting mobility changes with dynamic stretches (stretching with movement).


The most overlooked aspect to shoulder performance. Each week we give you specific StabilityWODs to perform. This will lock in your new-found mobility to make it permanent!


Everyone likes to be strong, right? Obtain scapular strength with banded movements that train the opposite muscles that you train regularly at your gym.This brings balance and harmony to your shoulder girdle.


There’s nothing greater than having total confidence in your shoulders. Knowing that they can handle anything you throw at them and not get injured in the process is priceless! It’s so vital, that you can’t afford not to be a part of ShoulderROM.

Beyond this 4-pronged approach, you’ll also learn...

  • How to develop an unwavering mobility habit. The more you spend time in demanding positions, the better you’ll become!
  • Why you should ignore 95% of the traditional “stretch and hold” mobilizations that don’t produce long-term results - and exactly what to focus on instead.
  • A simple framework that gives you quick, easy, and effective mobility flows that you can do from the comfort of your own home.
  • How to easily incorporate “StabilityWODs” and get rid of shaky, loose shoulders in the Overhead Squat or Snatch.
  • Reduce pain by exposing your shoulder girdle to low impact, high ROM exercises that rewire your brain and say “it’s OK to be flexible!”
  • “Dynamic” vs. “Static” - why it’s CRITICAL that you understand the difference, and how to implement them both into your mobility flow properly.
  • Why avoiding WODs and “cherry picking” movements is a TERRIBLE plan. We’ll show you why movement is the answer, not avoidance.
  • A simple, zero-equipment drill that will quickly unlock your thoracic spine after you’ve been sitting at a desk all day
  • “Mobility For Desk Jockeys” - Insider hacks from a mobility specialist about how you can change your 9-5 working environment for better mobility and performance in the gym.
  • A 60-second test to figure out where you’re tight, and where you’re strong, and exactly which drill you can use to fix it.
  • How to create a “mobility habit” instead of saying “someday…”. We’ll help you build a long-term daily habit that will transform the way you feel inside and outside of the gym. 

Our approach is systematic…..

Each week you will attack specific aspects of the shoulder.

Within just one week of the course, you will mobilize overhead positioning, shoulder extension, shoulder rotation, thoracic mobility, pecs, and lats.

And that is just the beginning.

After you go through your daily flow, you’ll lock in that newfound mobility with some serious shoulder stability work, and scapular strengthening. This is the MS² System at work!

We’ll use movements such as overhead waiter’s carry, Turkish Get-ups, and some drills that look almost like break dancing moves…. (don’t worry, anyone can do them).

These are all things that you have probably never tried on your shoulders, that will open up a whole different level of performance.

Anyone can do it; every single drill and movement that we do is scalable. No matter what age, gender, or fitness level - anyone can do this program because we show you exactly what to do!

It’s simple. It’s roughly 10-15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, 8 weeks long, and every workout is guided by a coach along with an athlete demonstrating the movement. You can easily do the workouts from the comfort of your own home, as there’s minimal equipment involved.

It can’t get any more basic or practical than this.

Sure, you could skip all of this for now, or ignore it completely. But odds are, at some point, when you haven’t done your due diligence...

You’ll end up paying for it in much bigger way; whether that is pain, stiffness, or seeing a doctor and having to pay astronomical medical expenses.

Don’t be that person who waits to pay for x-rays, scans, and rehab - when you could pay for lifetime access to a program that will help you avoid the doctor’s office altogether.

Instead of “taking a break” from the WODs you love, or cherry picking every single workout, join ShoulderROM. We guarantee you’ll love it.

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OR Four payments of $59

  • WODprep's proven shoulder mobility program, yours for life!
  • 8 Weeks of follow along programming
  • Includes bonus stability training
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee

Save 93% aT THIS price forever!

  • Access to ALL of WODprep's courses including ShoulderROM Unlocked
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Every future WODprep course at no additional cost
  • Around $1 a day for unlimited access

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