Ready to Smoothly String Together Toes To Bar?

Strengthen your core and stop the “Tarzan swing” through the Positional Strength System

What if by mastering one movement….

You could get better at almost every other movement in CrossFit?

And put you on the “fast track” to becoming an Rx athlete?

From the desk of Coach Ben, founder of WODprep

Once you master Toes To Bar, that’s completely possible.

Imagine this:

You walk into your box.

It’s a Tuesday at 6:30, the usual deal.

Toes to Bar is on the whiteboard.

But as you get into the WOD, something’s different.

Instead of doing slow singles….

Or scaling, doing knees to elbows or leg raises...

You’re in the middle of a hard WOD, absolutely BUSTING out Toes To Bar like there’s no tomorrow.

Your workout buddies are shocked - including your coaches.

“Jeez, I didn’t know they could do Toes To Bar like that!”

You feel PROUD - instead of frustrated

And you’re not just using raw effort either - your form is EFFICIENT.

No more exhausting Tarzan / death swinging for you.

No more randomly losing your rhythm on the bar, ripping your hands to pieces, and falling off.

Which can feel frustrating, and embarrassing.

Instead, you feel proud of how much progress you’ve made.

No more knees to elbow or leg raises for you!

And the “haters” at your box?

You know -

The ones who tell you “you’re not doing the same workout” because you had to scale Toes To Bar?

They’re just as shocked as the rest of them.

Heck -

The new guys and gals at your box are actually asking YOU for advice on Toes To Bar!

They can tell you’re one of the fittest people in the room!

You smile, and tell them, “Hey, it wasn’t always this way for me….”

Suddenly, you’re better at all the kipping exercises

And that’s just the beginning.

All of those HARD gymnastics and kipping movements….

Like kipping pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups, muscle ups, and the like….

Are suddenly way easier for you to do.

It makes sense.

Your grip is much stronger.

Your core and lats are much stronger.

Your hollow and arch positions are rock-solid, and you can kip with the best of them.

And you’ve got the timing of Toes To Bar down!

Which helps you master every other gymnastics movement in CrossFit.

Heck -

Even your handstand pushups are better since your core is so much stronger!

Now you’re thinking, “Hey, I’m an Rx athlete!”

And guess what?

After nailing Toes To Bar….

And strengthening the CRAP out of your grip and core….

You’re starting to Rx more workouts than not.

And pretty soon….

You feel like you can see ANY WOD and Rx it.

I mean, it’s natural -

You’ve earned it.

And this ALL happened because you committed to mastering Toes To Bar.

It’s like the “gateway exercise” to becoming an Rx athlete.

Your core is feeling RIPPED - and you love it

And, you can’t ignore it -

Your abs feel so much stronger than they ever have before!

It feels weird to say...

But since you’ve made your core so much stronger…

You just feel… BETTER.

More powerful.

More capable.

All of this is possible - and hundreds of WODprep athletes have done it!

At this point, you’re probably thinking,

“Hey, that sounds amazing.

But I’ve been struggling with Toes To Bar for so long.

How the heck are you going to help me?

And why should I trust you?”

To which I would say:

Read the rest of this letter and you’ll learn the secret to stringing together Toes To Bar.

Even if you can’t do a SINGLE Toes To Bar right now.

And especially if you can do a few, but can’t string them together.

Everything will be laid out for you.

Starting with WHY Toes To Bar is so challenging - and why you haven’t seen as much progress as you would like so far.

As to why you should trust me?

Don't listen to me - look at the results of WODprep students! 

And they’ll have a lot more to say as you read this letter :)

What WODprep students have accomplished:

Why is Toes To Bar so hard in the first place?

Let’s be real.

Toes to Bar is a movement that is a LOT harder than it looks!

I mean, it seems so simple.

You just do what little kids do on a jungle gym.

Hang from a bar, and touch your toes to it!

But as you know….

Doing Toes To Bar as an ADULT is pretty darn challenging.

And there are a couple reasons why.

The first?

Problem #1

Leg raises and v-ups don’t help you learn Toes To Bar!

Look, we have nothing against hanging leg raises and v-ups.

At a minimum, they give you something to do so you’re not left out of Toes To Bar workouts.

And if done right, they can help you develop some core strength.

However, here’s the thing:

They teach you NOTHING about the hardest parts of Toes To Bar!

They don’t teach you about:

  • The arch and hollow positions
  • How to kip (without death swinging)
  • The proper timing for stringing Toes To Bar together

Basically, the scaled versions of Toes To Bar are STRENGTH movements.

Toes to Bar itself is a GYMNASTIC movement.

They’re totally different.

Problem #2

Toes to Bar is much more complex and technical than you think it is

If you want to learn how to master Toes To Bar….

There are several fundamentals you need to get right.

For example -

You MUST create a strong “hollow body” position.

You MUST have a strong core, and a strong grip.

You MUST have good hip flexor strength and hamstring flexibility.

But even more than that….

You need to know how to do the TIMING of the movement right.

You need to be able to arch, hollow, and switch between these positions REALLY FAST.

If you can’t….

You’ll just end up death swinging.

Remember this:

Toes to Bar is a technical, gymnastics movement.

And without intentionally learning the basic skills that combine into Toes To Bar…

You’ll never master it.

Problem #3

You can’t do a lot of Toes To Bar, FAST, through raw effort alone

Even if you’re strong enough to do Toes To Bar….

And even if you can do a decent amount of them….

You’ll never be able to do a LOT of them, FAST - unless you learn how to string them together.

Look -

Fast singles are awesome.

We even recommend them sometimes.

But there’s no question….

Stringing together effortless sets of Toes To Bar is the BEST way to get a good score in an Open workout.

One of the hardest parts is learning how to string the movement together….

Without doing the Tarzan/death swing.

A TON of people end up doing a rep, then doing a swing in between -

Then losing all their momentum.

And you can’t learn to string together Toes To Bar through raw effort alone.

You NEED to know the underlying technique and timing.

Why you haven’t seen as much progress as you would like

Let me let you in on a little secret.

It is NOT YOUR FAULT that you haven’t mastered Toes To Bar yet.

Here are the reasons you’ve been feeling frustrated, not seeing progress.

Progress Blocker #1

It’s hard to coach yourself

Look, it’s not your fault.

Even the best coaches in the CrossFit world -

The best athletes-

They ALL have coaches!

Here’s why:

It’s extremely hard to be able to know what “technique errors” you’re making without someone else watching you.

You’re just too close to the situation to see it clearly.

It’s exactly why lawyers never represent themselves in court.

(At least, the smart ones don’t).

They know that you need an outside, objective eye.

And, if you haven’t mastered Toes To Bar yet…

It’s HIGHLY likely that you’re wasting a TON of energy through technique errors.

Which basically makes it impossible to string Toes To Bar together.

Progress Blocker #2

Your box’s coaches don’t have the time/manpower to give you detailed, personal feedback

I’ve owned a CrossFit box before, as well as coached at other gyms.

And, I know firsthand:

Most of the coaches' attention in class MUST be directed at making sure people don’t hurt themselves!

Which means -

The newbies often end up getting most of the coaches’ attention.

And when you consider that you only have an hour to do:

  • A warmup
  • Skill or strength work
  • A workout
  • A cooldown

It’s no wonder that your coaches don’t have the ability to give you the kind of personal feedback you NEED to get better at gymnastics movements.

Again, it’s not your fault.

But you MUST realize that you won’t get better at a technical movement like Toes To Bar by just showing up in your WODs.

You need dedicated, specific practice.

Even if you’re just working on Toes To Bar for 15 minutes before or after your WOD.

And -

You need personal feedback.

The kind of feedback that your coaches almost never will have time to give you.

Progress Blocker #3

Other internet resources are incomplete, unfocused, or lack a personal touch.

I don’t want to talk trash.

But one popular online program…

That’s SUPPOSED to help you learn CrossFit gymnastics…

Has you practicing every gymnastics movement at once!

They try to teach you:

  • Toes to bar
  • Muscle ups
  • Handstand Walks
  • Kipping pull-ups
  • Chest to bar

All at once!

I hate to say it, but that’s a recipe for making an inch of progress in 10 different directions.

Which boils down to making no progress at all.

These programs just aren’t focused enough.

I’ve learned this the hard way -

If you want to make progress in CrossFit, beyond your normal class workouts, you should focus on ONE movement at a time.

As for all the free videos out there...

I have nothing bad to say.

We have plenty of free videos out there.

But there are two issues:

1. Random YouTube / Instagram videos don’t give you a full program. They just give you a drill or two, and that’s usually not enough.

2. Since these resources are free, you’re not getting any coaching or feedback. Which, as you now know, is ESSENTIAL if you want to make meaningful progress.

The program that fixes ALL of these problems for you

So, let’s recap.

Toes to Bar is a complex, technical gymnastics movement.

So, in order to string lots of them together, quickly…

You need a well-structured program that teaches you techniques in a clear, simple way.

You need to learn the “positions” of the movement - including the hollow hold, the arch, and kipping.

And you need expert, personal feedback to spot the “technique errors” that are making your Toes To Bar WAY harder than they need to be!

Finally, you need this program to be convenient - and easily fit into your existing workout schedule.

Luckily, we’ve been in this game for a long time.

And we’ve cooked up something special for you…

Toes To Bar Transformed

OR Four payments of $59

  • WODprep's proven toes to bar program, yours for life
  • 8 Weeks of easy to follow programming with demos
  • Lifetime money back guarantee

Save 93% aT THIS price forever!

  • Access to ALL of WODprep's courses including Toes to Bar Transformed
  • 6 month money back guarantee
  • Every future WODprep course at no additional cost
  • Around $1 a day for unlimited access

Toes to Bar Transformed is the ONLY program that uses the Positional Strength System to help you string together toes to bar smoothly

Toes To Bar Transformed is an 8 week course that has one goal:

To help YOU string together Toes To Bar smoothly, in the heat of a workout!

It uses our unique “Positional Strength System” which will help you get a grip and core that’s strong as hell -

Along with all the timing cues and subtle gymnastics cues you need!

Last but not least, you’ll learn the best way to create ROCK SOLID hollow holds and arches -

Crucial positions in the Toes To Bar movement.

We’ve looked around on the market -

NOBODY else is teaching Toes To Bar this way!

Which is a shame, because it’s the most effective way to learn the movement.

And if the Positional Strength System wasn’t enough….

You also get UNLIMITED access to coaches who will help you get picture-perfect form.

Their helpful, supportive feedback is exactly what you need to make the most progress possible.


WHAT IS WODprep Academy?

WODprep Academy is an annual membership that gives you access to every course and bonus video WODprep has to offer. 

Here’s a full list of the movements and courses that you can access right now as a WODprep Academy member...

Mobility/ Core / Recovery / Mental Strength:

  • Recovery Rx'd (wearable tech course) - $197 value
  • Strong Mind with Dawn Fletcher - $147 value
  • ShoulderROM Unlocked (shoulder mobility) - $197 value
  • Functional Core (core strength and stability) - $197 value
  • Happy Hips (hip mobility) - $197 value
  • Ankle Flexibility Solution - $59 value
  • Back to Performance - $197 value

Muscle Ups:

  • Muscle Up Madness (ring muscle ups) - $197 value
  • Bar Muscle Up Mastery - $197 value


  • Confident Kick Up - $97 value
  • Handstand Push-up Power - $197 value
  • Handstand Walk Hero - $197 value


  • Strict Pull-up Strength - $197 value
  • Kickass Kip Swing- $59 value
  • Rapid Rope Climb - $59 value
  • Kipping Pull-up Performance - $197 value
  • Butterfly Pull-up Breakthrough - $197 value


  • WODprep Weightlifting - $297 value

Other movements:

  • NEW - Double Under Pro - $197 Value
  • Double Under Foundations - $97 Value
  • Toes To Bar Transformed - $197 value
  • Grip Strength Goals - $39 value
  • Double Unders Unleashed - $197 value
  • Single Under Solution - $97 value

Nutrition And Cardio:

  • Burpee Blueprint - $59 value
  • Endless Engine - $299 value
  • Endless Engine Running Only - $97
  • No Nonsense Nutrition - $299 value

Featured Bonuses:

  • Secrets to Mental Toughness - $59 value
  • The RX Roadmap - $97 value
  • Breathe For Peak Performance - $97 value
  • Engine Secrets For Your Best Open Performance  - $97
  • Many more... 

Upcoming, Included Courses:

  • Handstand Course Refresh
  • Body Weight Ninja 
  • Strength Building
  • And MORE....

Here’s What WODprep Students Have To Say

“In 8 weeks, you can get really good results. Now if Toes To Bar is in a competition, I’m not scared anymore.”

Debbie V., CrossFit box owner, 37

"Toes to Bar skills help in other movements, like pull-ups. Your kip gets better. Your core gets stronger. It's going to transfer into learning how to do a bar muscle up and/or a handstand push-up."

Terry C., Ski Instructor, 60

“My progress has exceeded my expectations more than I ever could have imagined. If anyone should ask, I will tell them to go to WODprep.”

Abigail F., NATO employee, 57

Stop feeling frustrated with the exhausting Tarzan swing!

Week by week, you’ll feel excited and proud of your progress.

Instead of guessing, follow the proven Positional Strength System.

Get helpful feedback from our expert coaches - and support from motivated athletes just like you.

Here are all of the cool things that you’ll learn inside Toes To Bar Transformed:

  • The special, best type of training to develop strength AND control
  • How to keep your shoulders healthy for life
  • The best exercises for hip flexor endurance (crucial for doing LOTS of Toes To bar)
  • Key drills to activate your shoulders and lats for more strength
  • How to do Toes To Bar as fast as possible
  • How to do HIGH VOLUME Toes To Bar sets
  • Crucial upper body mobility drills you need to get the proper positions in Toes To Bar
  • How to start your set without wasting energy
  • The proper head/eye position that makes the whole movement easier
  • How to arch, hollow, and transition between them
  • How to do the “push back” after a successful rep - so you can easily string TTB together

And that’s not all - you’ll also learn:

  • The secrets to making Toes To Bar as efficient (and EASY) as possible
  • The secret to a POWERFUL “active hang” position
  • How to nail the first kip, every time
  • The best drill for learning how to engage your core the RIGHT way
  • The best “bang for your buck” core exercises out there
  • WHY you keep getting into a death swing - and how to stop it
  • (BONUS) “Hand care hacks” to keep your hands healthy and pain-free
  • (BONUS) Your foundational mindsets for CrossFit success
  • (BONUS) What does it really take to become an Rx athlete?
  • (BONUS) How to build your best cardio “engine” for the Open
  • (BONUS) How to run a great CrossFit class

Here’s what you get inside of Toes To Bar Transformed:

  • An 8 week program with the exact drills and progressions you need to string Toes To Bar together
  • Detailed videos showing you all the subtle, CRUCIAL pointers
  • You only need to invest 15 minutes a day 3 times a week
  • You have LIFETIME access - so you can start whenever and go at your own pace

“WODprep is the best accessory programming that I’ve come across.”

“I’ve Rxed three Open workouts so far...”

"I’ve developed skills I never thought I would even attempt to do.”

- WODprep graduates (Fredrik, Julie, Crystal) 

How The Positional Strength System Works

So, you may be wondering -

What the heck IS the Positional Strength System?

Glad you asked.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll learn in Toes To Bar Transformed:

Step 1:

You master the basic setup

In this first step, you’ll learn how to start and end your movement in the most energy efficient way possible.

Step 2:

You learn the positions of Toes To Bar

You’ll nail down the active hang, the hollow, the arch, and the pike, with simple, quick drills that you easily can fit in before or after a WOD.

Step 3:

You’ll build strength within those positions

You'll develop a STRONG grip and core while doing the positions of Toes To Bar. Can you say, “Spicy on the midline”?

Step 4:

You’ll nail the timing

This is where you’ll learn how to switch between positions in a smooth, effective rhythm.

Step 5:

You’ll become more efficient - and do more Toes To Bar, faster

You’ll get supportive, helpful, personal feedback throughout all the steps. But in this one, you’ll really nail down your form.

Step 6:

You’re stringing together Toes To Bar!

You’ve finished the program! Congratulations - you’re on the fast track to becoming an Rx athlete!

You’d Normally Have to Pay Thousands For This Kind of Coaching….

As we’ve already talked about….

You’ll have a really hard time learning Toes To Bar without personal coaching!

So, as a comparison -

If you want to pay for 1 on 1 coaching at your box…

It’ll be $50 bucks a session, at a minimum.

Which, for coaching 3/x week….

Breaks down to $600 a MONTH!

And that’s on TOP of your normal box membership.

So, let’s compare these prices with the value you get in Toes To Bar transformed.

With Toes To Bar Transformed, you have access for LIFE.

Let’s say you take 3 months to go through the Toes To Bar program, and then you decide to revisit a few of your favorite sessions, for a total of 4 months.

(You could blaze through it in 8 weeks, but let’s just use this more conservative example).

Four months of 1 on 1 training, 3 times a week?

At $50 a session….

That’s $150 a week…

Or $600 a month….

So, for four months?

You’re looking at OVER a value of $2400.

Luckily, you won’t pay that….

EVEN for our most expensive package, which involves 6 months of 1 on 1 coaching - and unlimited access to ALL of our programs!

If you just get Toes To Bar Transformed, you’ll end up paying only $1.97 a day on the payment plan.

Less than the price of a cup of coffee!

AND you get tons of valuable bonuses with Toes To Bar Transformed that you WON’T get at your local box!

You’ll Also Get These Exclusive Bonuses. Joining Toes To Bar Transformed Is The Only Way To Access These!

Video Bonus - Your Foundational Mindsets for CrossFit Success

($29 value)

  • Watch Coach Ben break down the key mindsets you need to make faster progress
  • Learn how to make sure you don’t waste time and energy doing the wrong things
  • Nail these mindsets and you’ll be much closer to being an Rx athlete

Bonus Course - Kickass Kip Swing

($49 value)

  • Our brand new 3 week mini-course, yours for FREE
  • Perfect if you’re struggling to nail your kip
  • Strengthen your core and increase your shoulder mobility, fast

Bonus Lesson - Hand Care Hacks

($29 value)

  • The BEST grips that Ben recommends
  • How you can keep your hands tear-free, even after 10 years of CrossFit
  • How to prevent blisters from forming (and keep your hands pain free!)

Video Bonus - What Does It REALLY Take To Become an Rx Athlete?

($39 value)

  • Coach Ben discusses the top 3-5 traits of Rx athletes
  • These are the KEY ingredients you need if you’re going to Rx everything

Video Bonus - How To Build Your Best Cardio “Engine” For The Open

($49 value)

  • How to increase your cardio engine in the fastest way possible
  • The best “bang for your buck” cardio choices

Bonus Seminar - How To Run A Great CrossFit Class

($79 value)

  • By WODprep Affiliate Coach Brandon Massie
  • Perfect for coaches or aspiring coaches
  • Learn to lead any class with confidence using WODprep coaching techniques

Video Bonus - The Best Ways To Increase Your Grip Strength

($49 value)

  • The factors outside of your hands that are affecting your grip strength
  • The best exercises for grip strength
  • How to hang from a bar without hating your life

Video Bonus - The Best Goal Setting System You’re Not Using

($29 value)

  • Ben breaks down one of his favorite goal-setting books, “The One Thing”
  • Why setting up a chain of goals is the fastest way to make progress
  • How to setup your goals for the best October Open and year possible

The value of these bonuses is over $361!

Bringing the total value of the base package of Toes To Bar Transformed to over $2760!

What WODprep Students Have To Say

“The coaches are so supportive. I just like the feedback and I just like how it's just very specific so that you can perfect the skill. You should just get it.” 

- Heidi S., Nurse Manager  

“I would recommend the course. It's helpful because you can always get better. We can always get more efficient.”

- Justin C., Software Consultant 

"I could do zero before starting the Toes To Bar Course. Now, I think my most I've done is 14."

- Crystal S., Nuclear Pharmacist

Our LIFETIME Guarantee - You’ll String Together Toes To Bar

Or Your Money Back!

You don’t need to make your decision about joining the program now.

Just try it out first, and THEN make your decision.

Because either you'll absolutely love the program, and string together Toes To Bar smoothly….

Or you’ll just email us for a full refund, at any time.


Which is kind of crazy.

NOBODY else is doing this!

No questions asked.

No hassles.

No BS.

I’ve been a CrossFit® coach for 7 years. I’ve coached over 1000 people in person, and at least another 1000 via video feedback and online coaching.

That’s not even counting the tens of thousands of people who have learned CrossFit® skills from my videos.

So, I’m extremely confident you’ll get results with Toes To Bar Transformed.

But don’t take my word for it - give the program a test drive and then make your final decision.

What WODprep Students Have To Say

“When I started stringing a few together, I'm like, "Oh, my gosh, I just put a few together." That was probably the most rewarding part of the program. It’s totally worth every penny.”

Terry C., Ski Instructor, 60 

“Two weeks ago we did a competition, me and my, my friends. I think we did almost 50 toes to bar together. Yeah, I'm just super happy.” 

- Debbie V., CrossFit box owner, 37 

Now, I can do 10 Toes To Bar. So, I feel that there is a lot of progress when you see and do what Ben says. I love it. I'm proud of myself.” 

- Abigail F., NATO employee, 57 

Toes To Bar Transformed is Right For You If:

You’re tired of the frustrating, exhausting death swing

You can’t even do one Toes To Bar right now

You can do a few Toes To Bar, but can’t string them together very well

You want to be able to do lots of Toes To Bar, quickly, and string them together

Toes To Bar Transformed Is NOT Right For You If:

You don’t care about getting better at Toes To Bar

You want to try to piece together things on your own

You don't want feedback because you think your technique is perfect already

You aren't willing to put in 15 minutes of effort outside of your normal WODs

You can already hit sets of 10+ Toes To Bar unbroken easily

Even MORE Feedback From Our Amazing Students:

It’s Time To Make Your Decision

If you’re still reading…

It’s time to make your decision.

I would never want you to do anything that’s not right for you.

But if you’re ready to string together Toes To Bar, smoothly...

Develop an incredibly strong grip and core….

And “fast track” your path to becoming an Rx athlete….

You have a choice to make.

The question is - 

Where do you want to be in 3 months?

Do you want to be still doing the same old exhausting, frustrating Tarzan swing?

Still scaling Toes To Bar, doing v-ups or hanging leg raises?

Will you be frustrated because you can’t get more than a few Toes To Bar at once?


Do you want to feel proud of your progress?

Do you want to be surprised at how quickly you can string Toes To Bar together?

Do you want to improve EVERY OTHER gymnastics movement in CrossFit -

Like chest to bar, kipping pull-ups, and muscle ups?

And join the small minority of athletes who can Rx every workout?

There’s never going to be a better time than right now.

See you inside,

Coach Ben

The Easiest, Most Effective Toes to Bar Programming...

OR Four payments of $59

  • WODprep's proven toes to bar program, yours for life
  • 8 Weeks of easy to follow programming with demos
  • Lifetime money back guarantee

Save Over 90% aT THIS price forever!

  • Access to ALL of WODprep's courses including Toes to Bar Transformed
  • 6 month money back guarantee
  • Every future WODprep course at no additional cost
  • Around $1 a day for unlimited access

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