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Elkshape Camp Resource Guide 2022

How I Can Help You

Free coaching tips:

Online courses:

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1-on-1 coaching:

  • Feel like you need some 1-on-1 accountability? Do you want a WODprep coach to personally work with you to help you meet your fitness goals? (Yes, even if it's "help me get fit enough to pack out a 380+ bull!")

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Discount Codes

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One Last thing...

REMEMBER: The BEST kind of fitness and diet for you is the one that you’ll actually stick with. Struggling to stick with it? Start by trying to create a new habit around healthy habits (see Atomic Habits). If it’s not working, then switch it up, try something new, and find something that you enjoy.

While NOTHING can replace strength training and lifting heavy, “fun” hobbies like the ones below can serve as good cardio development to help build your “engine”. ("engine" = holding medium heart rate for extended periods of time 1hr+, similar to the long rucks and pack-outs we encounter while Elk hunting)

Simple ideas for “fun” engine-building fitness:

  • Pickleball/Tennis/Racketball
  • Mountain biking/ Road biking
  • Backcountry snowboarding/ Cross Country Skiing
  • Ice Hockey/Basketball/Flag Football/Swimming/Running
  • ANYTHING that you enjoy that gets you moving with an elevated heart rate for 1+ hour!