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Ready to Rx that Frustrating Movement Before the Open?

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The 2021 CrossFit Open is almost here but it's not too late to get ready

Listen -

In about 6 weeks, Dave Castro will announce the first workout of the 2021 Open. That means it is not too late to start working on your skills so you can have your best Open yet!

Choose any Open Skill, like Pull-ups, Toes to Bar, Double Unders, Handstand Push-ups (possibly even handstand walks) or choose to improve your Shoulder or Hip Mobility, and we'll give you 40% off one of our dedicated courses. 

WODprep’s courses normally cost $197 but for this Open, I've reduced the price of movements we know we'll see in this year's Open by 40% (or up to 91% for the All Access Pass!)

With the All Access Pass, you can work your way through all 25 WODprep Courses for just $297 (billed annually). 

That’s $2,994 in savings! An incredible 91% discount!



One-time payment

Pick 1 Open Prep course of your choice!

Save 40%!  - Normally $197

or Split Pay 4x$36


Access all 25 WODprep courses

Save 91%! 
 - Normally $3291

See everything that comes with 

the All Access Pass

Which Courses COME WITH

Here's everything that comes with the All Access Pass...

(NEW!) Cardio Engine

  • Endless Engine 
  • Endless Engine / Running Only 
  • Endless Engine - Additional Programming (24 weeks) 


  • ShoulderROM Unlocked (shoulder mobility)
  • Functional Core (core strength and stability)
  • Happy Hips (hip mobility)

Muscle Ups:

  • Muscle Up Madness (ring muscle ups)
  • Bar Muscle Up Mastery


  • Handstand Push-up Power
  • Handstand Walk Hero


  • Strict Pull-up Strength
  • Kipping Pull-up Performance
  • Butterfly Pull-up Breakthrough

Other movements:

  • Double Unders Unleashed
  • Toes To Bar Transformed

Exclusive Courses:

  • No Nonsense Nutrition
  • Burpee Blueprint
  • Mental Toughness with Dawn Fletcher

Mini Courses

  • Single Under Solution 
  • Ankle Flexibility Solution
  • Kickass Kip Swing
  • Grip Strength Goals
  • Confident Kick Ups
  • 4 Weeks to Kipping CTB 
  • 4 Weeks to Butterfly CTB 

Bonus Videos

  • Masterclass: Developing your mental Edge for CrossFit Workouts
  • Unlocking Ankle Mobility - Follow Along Ankle Mobility Flow with Coach Garry
  • Morning Mobility - Follow Along Daily Mobility Flow with Coach Garry
  • Double Unders Unleashed Seminar with Coach Ben
  • Muscle Ups in 10 min with Coach Ben
  • Masterclass: How to Approach Training when dealing with Pain (with Coach CJ)
  • Quarantine Routine with Coach Ben

Plus many more coming soon!

Wodprep students get amazing results

“WODprep is the best accessory programming that I’ve come across.”

“I’ve Rxed three Open workouts so far...”

“”I’ve developed skills I never thought I would even attempt to do.”

- WODprep graduates (Fredrik, Julie, Crystal) 

“I'm so happy with the progress I've made through Happy Hips....

I've made so much progress in a such a short amount of time."
 - Sho

“In 8 weeks, you can get really good results." - Debbie

“I’d say it’s worth it. You feel really good about yourself, really proud." ~ Fredrik

“To see myself improve that's changed my life as far as WODs go for me.” ~ Will

"There was nothing else out there other than WODprep that seemed comprehensive and legit." - John

"I knew I could Rx everything. It was a great feeling." - Andrew

“It's helpful because you can always get better. We can always get more efficient.” - Justin

"WODprep was so helpful because they provided all the accessory work that the CrossFit classes don't really target." - Cindy

"I could do zero before starting the Toes To Bar course. Now, I think my most I've done is 14." - Crystal

You're Protected by a 100%, No Questions Asked LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee

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You'll make TONS of progress - progress you're incredibly proud of - or you'll just email us and get your money back.

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you'll ALWAYS KNOW EXACTLY what to do next!

You'll know what drills and progressions to do every step of the way.

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Guarantee #3:

you can get a refund for any reason!

Even if you just decide that you don't like Ben's haircut inside of one of the coaching videos.....

You can get your money back!

No BS, no hassles, no headache!

FREquently Asked Questions


Our courses are designed to be incredibly convenient.

You can easily fit them into your normal schedule, because they only take 15 minutes, 3 times a week!

Most of our students just do them right before our after their normal WODs.


Luckily, you have LIFETIME access to the courses.

That means you can go at your own pace.

Get busy? Get injured in a WOD? No worries - just take your time and start again when you're ready!


Because you’ll save TONS of money compared to buying these courses at another time (if they’re even open.)

Usually, a lot of our courses are closed - and they normally cost $197 each!

This is your best chance to Rx your weaknesses at an incredible discount!


You're ALWAYS protected by a LIFETIME 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Just send us an email at any time and you can get every penny refunded.

No BS, no limitations, no questions asked!

do these courses include private, 1 on 1 coaching?

These courses include programming only.

However, you can easily get coaching for only $29/month by joining WODprep Masters!


There is no "trick" or catch. And there are no questions asked.

You're protected by a LIFETIME 100% money back guarantee, with no questions asked...

Because we KNOW you’ll see incredible results! 



One-time payment

Pick 1 Open Prep course of your choice!

Save 40%!  - Normally $197

or Split Pay 4x$36


Access all 25 WODprep courses

Save 91%! 
 - Normally $3291

See everything that comes with 

the All Access Pass

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