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2017 Open Progress

Your Open workout strategy emails have really helped a lot; there was so much thought put into them. I used the warm-ups, and the strategy you gave every single week and it allowed me to do better. This was my second OPEN and I was able to RX 4 out of the 5 workouts. I was able to get my first toes to bar during 17.2 (and do all of them as singles, as suggested) all because of your advise and guidance in your videos.

Sabina, Alberta, Canada

18.1 Success!

18.1 - 282 reps - all TTB unbroken (last year I had to break up 4-4). Never would have done that last year! Thank you WODprep coaches and TTB Transformed!

Justin, Pensylvania

RMU and HSPU progress!

Seriously - you are awesome sauce! I have strict RMU's because of you - and have gotten better at HSPU's because of you. Your videos are the FIRST ones that I watch on Friday mornings. Your perspective and tips are really amazing - thank you!


Chest to Bar Pull-Up Progress!

I Re-did 18.5 today rx and got 46 reps! I just got my 1st chest to bar on Friday so I couldn't believe that I got that many just a few days later! Thanks so much for your tips! Couldn't have done it without them!!!

Lindsay, Seattle WA

Rx'ing The Open

Hi Ben,

Just needed to reach out and say a massive Thank You again! It's my 1st ever open, and this is now my 3rd RXed workout I've completed!!

My numbers are low but that doesn’t matter as each week I have smashed another PR.

I watched and read your guide today and again you encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone and RX. You also talked about recognizing what our personal “ choker” was in the workout. I knew it would be the OHS as I’ve never managed more than 25 kgs previously... so I thought .... "if you only get one it’s a PR!"

I smashed the 20 and got to the second wave of double unders!! I’m overjoyed - thank you!

Claire, United Kingdom

19.1 strategy success!

I used in your tips and strategy for 19.1. My first open. Your advice helped very much!


87th in the world

I keep forgetting to tell you that your 2017 Open tips helped me to earn 1st in my age division in my state, and 87th in the world - I feel pretty good about that!
Thanks, and please keep em coming!

Stacy, Montana

First BMU!

Thanks to your videos, I gave myself the best Open present I could ever have: my first BMU! This year was my third Open and the first where I completed all the WOD's Rx. Your advice helped me a lot to work on my weaknesses. Thank you very much - and greetings from Berlin!


Pull-up Progress!

Hi WODprep team - I would like to thank you for your tips and videos. I did the Strict Pull-up Strength course a few months ago and got my first strict about 2 weeks ago - today during the workout, I worked myself up to 33 single pull-ups. I started CrossFit 1 year ago at age 57. Now I am much more confident - and looking forward to learning new skills. Thanks for your inspiration!


A long-time WODprep fan

Ben –

Love your Open Prep videos. I am a Master’s Male Rx athlete in the 40-44 age group. This is my 5th year competing in the Open. I have been following your tips for the last 2 years.


Surpassing Expectations

Yet again throughout this year's Open, your videos helped me exceed my own expectations of what I thought was possible. Thank you and please keep doing what you're doing!


Open Ready!

During the weeks of the CrossFit Open, I get up early on Friday mornings and study/take notes on your practical tips for the WOD. Thank you so much! Your tips were certainly a help and I appreciate your work.


BMU's in 17.2!

After all the advice and tips earlier in the week from WODprep, I was able to complete 17.2 with 12 BMU's! Thank you!


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