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 // WODprep Academy

"The best kind of courses"
"It's clear. It's concise"
"It really is a progression over the 8 weeks"
"This is stuff [movements] that has been expanded on. New videos."

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"The WODprep Coaches have been phenomenal"
"It's like working with a personal coach"
"Getting help is what I needed. It helped so much."
"Everyone is very approachable" 

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// WODprep Community

"Really focused on helping people achieved their goals"
"You get feedback from the coaches and encouragement from the community members"
"Found it really encouraging to see other people's success"

Seriously - you are awesome sauce! I have strict RMU's because of you - and have gotten better at HSPU's because of you. Your videos are the FIRST ones that I watch on Friday mornings. Your perspective and tips are really amazing - thank you!

Fawn // verified customer

I would like to thank you for your tips and videos. I did the Strict Pull-up Strength course a few months ago and got my first strict about 2 weeks ago - today during the workout, I worked myself up to 33 single pull-ups. I started CrossFit 1 year ago at age 57. Now I am much more confident - and looking forward to learning new skills. Thanks for your inspiration!

Janet // verified customer

Thanks to your videos, I gave myself the best Open present I could ever have: my first BMU! This year was my third Open and the first where I completed all the WOD's Rx. Your advice helped me a lot to work on my weaknesses. Thank you very much - and greetings from Berlin!

Anthony // verified customer

Yet again throughout this year's Open, your videos helped me exceed my own expectations of what I thought was possible. Thank you and please keep doing what you're doing!

Russell // verified customer

During the weeks of the CrossFit Open, I get up early on Friday mornings and study/take notes on your practical tips for the WOD. Thank you so much! Your tips were certainly a help and I appreciate your work.

Linda // verified customer

I'm so proud that I went with WODprep, it works so well - if you put the time in (like everything else in life). It's not easy, sometimes it's difficult, but the way you feel when you succeed is second to none!

Fedrik // verified customer

Before & After
WODprep ACademy

For years, We’ve coached HUNDREDS
of athletes IN OUR COURSES

Before & After
WODprep ACademy

Before & After
USing WODprep

18.1 - 282 reps - all TTB unbroken (last year I had to break up 4-4). Never would have done that last year! Thank you WODprep coaches and TTB Transformed!

Justin // verified customer

I just wrapped up the course last week. Within the last 2 weeks, things have really clicked when it comes to stringing my TTB together. The biggest thing for me has been lat engagement - that really helped me to stay consistent throughout workout

Angelo // verified customer

I just wanted to say - we had strict toes to bar in the workout today and I did 8 unbroken, 24 total! I couldn't even do one of these 2 weeks ago!

Kim // verified customer

Love your Open Prep videos. I am a Master’s Male Rx athlete in the 40-44 age group. This is my 5th year competing in the Open. I have been following your tips for the last 2 years.

David // verified customer

Good day today! We did Annie for part of our WOD, and it was the first time I was able to do it Rx. Got all of the DU's unbroken!

Bill // verified customer

After all the advice and tips earlier in the week from WODprep, I was able to complete 17.2 with 12 BMU's! Thank you!

Jay // verified customer

Before & After
WODprep 1on1 Coaching

Before & After

I was really excited to see handstand walks come up in the Open this year. I was 6 weeks into the Handstand Walk Hero course and had already seen huge improvements. The program works :) Looks like I'll be doing the HSPU Program next!

Ted // verified customer

Thanks so much for putting this program together! I was able to get 23 HSPU's during the workout - and this was the first time in a workout that I didn't have to use an ab mat - so I feel really good about my score. This could only have happened from hard work plus great programming and feedback from the coaches. Thank you!

Beth // verified customer

I'm SO HAPPY with the results of the eight-week program. I know I still have a long way to go but I'm confident that with consistency, I'm going to continue to improve my mobility, stability, and strength. Coach Garry, you're the man. I'm so grateful for your help.

Candi // verified customer

I've been following the free guide for about a month now and can finally do a strict pull-up! I went to take the video to show where I'm currently at with them, and was shocked that I got up over the bar!

Julie // verified customer

Super happy with my overhead progress - it's a huge difference I can feel in almost everything. And I can finally get the shoulder angle I want in my freestanding handstand! Big thanks to WODprep for another amazing program. ShoulderROM works!

Chris // verified customer

THANK YOU for the how-to guide. The WODprep has already helped me immensely with my butterfly pull-ups and ring muscle-ups are next! I've really only been doing CrossFit seriously for about a year, but I want to take my training to the next level and the information you provided is great stuff, so thanks!

Kaley // verified customer

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How do I find specific reviews for WODprep Masters, WPx programming or a specific course ?

Contact us! While we may not be able to fit all our reviews on one page, it doesn't mean we don't have them. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], and we'll be more than happy to send them to you.

Where can I find reviews of WODprep Crossrope?

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What’s the difference between WODprep Academy and WODprep’s courses?

WODprep Academy is the World's Largest Online Academy, covering a wide range of functional fitness topics to help you level up your game. It's like your complete fitness playbook with structured training and support.

On the flip side, WODprep’s courses are more focused. They zoom in on specific skills or areas within functional fitness, like mastering double-unders or getting your muscle-ups down.

So, whether you're up for the full journey with WODprep Academy or need some targeted help with our courses, we've got you covered!

What is WODprep Academy?

WODprep Academy is your go-to online hub for elevating your functional fitness game. We're all about helping athletes become Rx athletes using our easy, step by step progression courses. WODprep Academy isn't just a platform—it's a community. We're here to support you every step of the way, from mastering your first pull-up to dominating the CrossFit® Games. With our proven strategies and unwavering support, there's no limit to what you can achieve.


What is WODprep Online Programming?

With our WODprep Online Programming, we offer the best training plans designed to elevate your performance in functional fitness, regardless of your experience level. Prepare for workouts tailored to enhance your strength, conditioning, and overall skills. Our experienced coaches provide expert guidance, helping you refine your skills and navigate your fitness journey with confidence.


What is WODprep 1on1 Coaching?

WODprep 1on1 Coaching is our personalized coaching service focused on helping the individual needs and goals of athletes seeking to enhance their performance. Through our personalized approach, our athletes receive customized workout programming, tailored feedback, and ongoing support to help them achieve their fitness dreams. Our coaches work closely with clients to address strengths, weaknesses, and specific goals, providing guidance on workouts, nutrition, and mental preparation.