Ring Muscle Ups: Fault Fixers

Struggling with RMU's? 

Below are two of our most popular fault fixer videos, which have been pulled directly from our 8-week flagship course, Muscle Up Madness

The fix for "No-turnover Syndrome"

Is your grip too low on the rings? Finding yourself death gripping?

Check it out:

The fix for "The Dead Drop"

Losing momentum after your first RMU? Can't string together multiple reps?

This one's for you:

If you liked these videos, and are looking for even more RMU coaching, check out more on our 8-week Muscle Up Madness program. We've helped thousands of athletes around the world get their first RMU, start stringing multiple reps together, clean up their form - you name it. 

Every WODprep program comes with 100% money-back guarantee - what do you have to lose?

Muscle Up Madness Magic

Laura, Ontario, WODprep Athlete - Muscle Up Madness

Finally got a ring muscle 5 weeks into the Muscle Up Madness program! Muscle Ups have been so frustrating to me forever, I never thought I’d be able to do. This program is magic, trust it!

Thank you so much - strict muscle up on my first try!

Autumn, England - WODprep Athlete - Muscle Up Madness

I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating a fantastic program! I've been following the Muscle Up Madness program for just over 4 weeks and my long term goal has been to get a strict ring muscle up (I don't want to attempt kipping until I have the strength for strict). After following the programming for 2-3 sessions a week I attempted my first strict MU today and hit it first time!

RMU and HSPU progress!


Seriously - you are awesome sauce! I have strict RMU's because of you - and have gotten better at HSPU's because of you. Your videos are the FIRST ones that I watch on Friday mornings. Your perspective and tips are really amazing - thank you!

Muscle Up Madness & ShoulderROM = Perfect Combo!

Christina, Vancouver

Just a quick note to thank WodPrep, I've been following Muscle Up Madness, although sparsely because my left shoulder has been in so much pain that it has limited my progress. However, the MU programming combined with the ShoulderROM program must have worked. I was able to complete 10 MUs at the end of the first master's qualifier WOD, which put me in 32nd place for that WOD in my age group (45 to 49)! It was my highest placement for all of the Open and Qualifier workouts. Thanks WodPrep!

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