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23.1 Open Aftermath

Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Double Unders 

Hang Power Clean @95lbs/65lbs
30 Double Unders after each set


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Feeling sore after 23.1? I bet. Your midline took a hell of beating, and if you’re not used to that level of volume, boy is it a killer for days.

Thankfully, the first workout of the Open 2023 is over and done, and we can concentrate on getting a little training in.

In this workout, those Dubs are totally vulnerable to blowing up and gassing out as you get towards the end.

As you ascend through this workout, those lungs are going to get pumped and pump those legs.

The key to this workout is setting a pace at the start – go slower than you think you need to go! On the DU, focus on getting your heart rate down, level out your breathing, and concentrate on holding your form.

Keep your elbows tight into your body. The cleans will fatigue your forearms making this a great couplet to increase your grip fatigue while having a little fun.

Tripping on your Dubs? Check out our video below:


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