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Adventure Time

Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Toes To Bar 

5 Minute AMRAP
(Choose your own adventure)
Max Thrusters @95lbs/65lbs

WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

5 minute AMRAP? Seems straightforward enough, right? Well. It never is. 

Here are some details you need to know about. 

  • You have to do at least 25 of each movement.
  • You have 5 minutes to complete as many thrusters and TTB as you can.
  • You can do whatever rep scheme you would like
  • Your total number of reps is your score

The key to this workout is finding a rep scheme that you can consistently keep moving through. As soon as you stop to take a breath, you’ve lost the workout. 

Before starting this workout, pick which movement is your limiting factor, and set that as your goal rep scheme. For example, if you can only do 5 TTB in a workout (i.e. not your max), then go 5 thrusters, 5 TTB.


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