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Battery Work

Written By CJ DePalma  |  Weightlifting 

In 10 minutes:

Build to a heavy 3 TnG Squat Clean Complex @15 minute mark (using 80% of Complex)

2 Minute AMRAP
50 Double Unders
4 Wall Walks
Max Squat Cleans with remaining time

Rest 2:00

x5 rounds

WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

How quickly can you recover between pieces? Well, today, we’re going to find out. If you’ve been focusing on recovery outside of the gym, and workouts that involve many different movements, then you’ll do great. If not, this may be a shock to the system.

CrossFit is all about how many disciplines you can perform as an athlete, and arguably recovery is an important factor in building up strength, power, engine and mobility.

Today’s test is to see how you would attack this workout. Let us know how you got on.


Do you struggle with front rack mobility and position during the power clean or front squat? Try these drills!

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