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Written By CJ DePalma  |  Handstand Walk 

4 Rounds For Time
20 Alt. DB Snatch @50/35
50ft DB Front Rack Walking Lunge
(holding 1 DB in front rack, can alternate arms as needed)
50ft HSW

WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

This workout is very dependent on your HSW ability. Check out how you can adapt this workout to fit you:

If you walk well under fatigue, then you can really push the pace.
If you do not walk very well, then you need to govern the rest of the workout so you are fresh (ish) for the HSW.
If you can not walk more than 5-10ft when fresh then scale the HSW to 25ft.
If you can not walk at all then sub 5 wall walks

To start pushing for the bigger competition, handstand walks are essential in CrossFit. Use this workout to build up to RX and then start building in more handstand walks under fatigue. You’ll thank me later! 

So you can kick up into a handstand and take your first few steps. What next? How do you progress to walking farther and performing the handstand walk under fatigue? Check out this video for my top 3 advanced drills…

Want to more about handstand walks (HSW)?


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