Workout of the Day

Buckle Up

3 rounds for time
600/500m Row
7 Muscle Ups
7 Power Snatches @135lbs/95lbs


WODprep Strategy Top Tips

A simple chipper to finish the week. The goal is to focus on the ring muscle-ups under some fatigue. From the rowing and snatches, your arms will fatigue early, but with any workout, taking the time to think strategically about how you’re going to approach it will ultimately make you better as an athlete.

BUT, wait, there’s more. You should still be hitting the RMU with a fairly high heart rate as we challenge your breathing. We would recommend pacing the early movements accordingly depending on your MU ability. NO need to hurry up and rest if that is what will happen.

Ring Muscle Ups – Start Stringing Multiple Together!

Do you have one ring muscle up but can’t figure out how to string them together?

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