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Building Intensity

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2:00 work
1:00 rest
x7 rounds

200m Run
Max Sandbag Cleans to the top of the Shoulder

score total sandbag cleans

WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Round 1: Warm-Up
Let’s start smart. Ease into the circuit by focusing on fluidity. Begin with a 200m run—remember, this isn’t a race. Keep a challenging yet sustainable pace. Transition to Sandbag Cleans, emphasizing flawless technique over speed.

Rounds 2-6: Building Intensity
Time to crank it up a notch! During rounds 2 to 6, gradually intensify your effort. Speed up slightly on the run, surpassing your warm-up pace. When tackling Sandbag Cleans, strive for increased reps within the 2-minute window while staying true to your form.

Round 7: Finish Strong

Finish line in sight! This is your moment to shine. Pour all your energy into that last round. Channel explosive energy into your Sandbag Cleans—engage those hips and legs for power. But hey, don’t compromise on form. Let’s finish strong, champions!


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