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Carrying Carpets

Written By Ben  |  Strict Pull-Up
Strict Pull-Up
Bench Press

WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Bench press doesn’t come around that often, but just like in the 2018 Regionals, you could totally see the difference in the athlete that had practice bench and who hadn’t.

Before diving into the strategy, for the bench in the workout, you are looking to choose a challenging weight. The weight of the bar should become a struggle to hold onto unbroken after the round of 5. I would also recommend working up to a 10 rep weight before starting this workout just to be sure.

So, remember, with this workout, you’re only really halfway after the round of 7, so you shouldn’t be feeling too tired by the time you get to this point. The focus is quality. That’s quality reps on the strict pulls ups, and like the name of the title says, you should finish feeling like you’ve got carpets under your arms. Happy SWOLE day! 


Do you have the strength needed for strict pull-ups?

In this video, we give some quick tips and drills to work on to develop the strength needed for you to get your first strict pull-up.

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