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Written By Charleh Dickinson  |  Conditioning 

Two Scored Workout:
6k Row for Time

1st score; is your 1st 1000m
2nd score; is total 6k

WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

You either LOVE IT or HATE IT: long cardio workouts will force you to “zone out”, get into the “hole”, and grind your way through. This is where CrossFit will really force you to work on your engine. Otherwise, you simply be left behind at competitions.

In today’s workout, there really is nowhere to hide. You’re strapped into the rower, and you only have yourself to hit the pace.

The strategy is of the utmost importance here. You can’t go too slow on the 1k, or your 1st score will suffer, but if you blow it out, you still have 5000m left to go. Make sure you find the right balance.


Do you feel like your rowing in CrossFit WODs never improves?

Here are 6 big mistakes I see CrossFit athletes making regularly – without even knowing they’re making them!

These tips include;

  • What to set the damper at (and how to check your drag factor)
  • How to hold the handle of the rower
  • How to avoid the early arm bend when rowing
  • Find out all about the Squatty Potty row, lol
  • …and the pancake row!!
  • Stop taking the handle around your knees (I’ll show you how)

Check it out and dial in your rowing form for more power and increased performance during CrossFit WODs!

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