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Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Double Unders 

100 Double Unders
75 Sit-Ups
50 Single Arm Dumbbell Thrusters (22.5 kg/15 kg) alternate as needed
75 Sit Ups
100 Double Unders


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

We’ll kick things off with the double unders since they require some serious coordination and energy. Pace yourself and break them up into manageable sets. Depending on your skill level and how you’re feeling, you can do sets of 25 or 50 reps. Take short breaks if needed, but try to keep your rest time to a minimum to keep your heart rate up.

Once you’re done with the double unders, transition right into the sit-ups. Find a steady rhythm and breathing pattern that works for you. You’ve got 75 sit-ups to knock out, so break them up into smaller sets. Maybe sets of 25 or 15, depending on your ability. Take quick breaks between sets to catch your breath and give your abs a little break.

Next up are the single-arm dumbbell thrusters. These bad boys require both strength and coordination. Alternate arms as needed to even out the workload. You’ve got 50 reps in total, so break them into sets of 10 or 15 per arm. Make sure to squat all the way down and press the dumbbell overhead with each rep.

After the thrusters, it’s back to sit-ups for another round of 75 reps. Use the same strategy as before, breaking them into manageable sets with short rest periods. Focus on engaging your core muscles and maintaining good form throughout.

Finally, finish off the workout with another set of 100 double unders. By this point, you might be feeling a bit fatigued, so try to keep a consistent pace and stay focused on your technique. If you need to, break the double unders into smaller sets and take quick breaks to catch your breath.

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