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Double Trouble Dubs

Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Double Unders 

Clean and Jerks (@135lbs/95lbs)
75 Double Unders after each set


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

For the Clean and Jerks, we’ll be using 135 pounds for men and 95 pounds for women. These weights are challenging but manageable if you have experience with Olympic lifts. However, feel free to adjust the weight according to your fitness level. It’s better to start with a lighter weight and focus on proper form and technique.

Now, let’s break down the workout. The rep scheme of 21-15-9 means you’ll be performing 21 repetitions of Clean and Jerks, followed by 75 Double Unders. Then you’ll move on to 15 repetitions of Clean and Jerks and another set of 75 Double Unders. Finally, you’ll finish with 9 repetitions of Clean and Jerks and, you guessed it, 75 Double Unders.

With the Clean and Jerks, break up the 21 reps into manageable sets. You can try doing sets of 7 reps, taking short breaks between sets. Keep your back flat, hips low, and explode up as you clean the bar to your shoulders. From there, drive the bar overhead using a powerful jerk, using your legs to generate momentum. If you’re comfortable with touch-and-go reps, that’s a great option to save time. Otherwise, you can reset between each rep, taking a quick breath and reestablishing your grip.

After completing the 21 Clean and Jerks, it’s time for the Double Unders. These are a challenging exercise that requires coordination and skill. If you’re proficient with Double Unders, aim to complete the 75 reps unbroken.

However, if you’re still working on your jump rope skills, break them up into smaller sets, such as 25 reps at a time. Focus on staying relaxed and using your wrists to spin the rope quickly. Keep your jumps light and efficient to conserve energy.

For the remaining reps, rinse and repeat. The goal is to challenge yourself and push the intensity.

Tripping on your Dubs? Check out our video below:

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