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Front Squat; 10 minutes establish a challenging triple.

Rest 5-10:00

10 Rds For Time
8 Front Squats @35% of 3RM
10 Bar Facing Burpees

Time Cap 15:00


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

A play on an old open workout, this will allow the field to be evened out a bit with everyone doing a percentage focused weight. The front squats, should be UB and the burpees at a pace that allows to get right to work each round on and off the bar.

Don’t try to skip the rest, you’re going to need it. Ensure you take the whole rest period so that you attack the workout. You shouldn’t feel like you need to collapse on the floor after this, but come out feeling “good”.


Need help with Front Squats?
In this front squat tutorial, I go over the fundamentals of the FrontSquat including grip, how to get into the front rack position, variations in stance, optimal torso position, and how to perform the movement itself.

I’ll also show you some common front squat mistakes as well as progressions for if you’re not quite ready for barbell front squats when it comes to mobility. These front squat progressions include using a “target” to squat to and using variations like kettlebell and dumbbell FrontSquats.

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