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Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Bar Muscle Ups 

50 Wall Balls (20 lbs/14 lbs)
40 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
30 Kettlebell Snatches (24 kg/16 kg)
20 Kipping HSPU
10 Muscle Ups

WODprep Strategy Top Tips

Now, let’s break down the reps. Take a look at the workout and divide the reps into manageable sets based on your skill level and capacity.

For example, you could do sets of 10 or 15 for the wall balls, 5 or 10 for the box jumps, 5 or 10 for the kettlebell snatches, 2 or 5 for the kipping HSPU, and singles or doubles for the muscle-ups. Think about how many sets and rest periods will allow you to keep a consistent pace throughout the workout.

Remember, maintaining proper form and technique is crucial. Focus on each movement individually and make sure you’re executing them correctly. When doing wall balls, aim to hit the target at the right height and find a steady rhythm. For box jumps, fully extend your hips at the top and land softly to minimize impact.

When it comes to kettlebell snatches, generate power from your hips and legs, and keep the movement controlled. Kipping HSPUs require a good kipping motion and strict handstand push-up technique, so practice those before the workout. And for muscle-ups, focus on efficient kip swings and smooth transitions.

Pacing is key in this workout. Find a sustainable pace from the start and resist the urge to go all-out in the beginning. Instead, gradually increase your effort as you progress through the workout. Keep an eye on your heart rate and breathing to ensure you’re pushing yourself without burning out too soon.

Rest periods are your friends! Plan short breaks, around 5 – 10 seconds, between movements to transition smoothly and catch your breath.

Stay mentally focused throughout the workout. Crossfit demands mental strength, so keep your mind in the game. Break down the reps mentally into smaller, achievable goals to maintain motivation. And don’t forget to use positive self-talk and visualize yourself crushing each movement to keep that motivation high!


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