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Full Send Ladder

Written By Charleh Dickinson  |  Clean & Jerk 

For Time:
1-10 Ladder of:
Clean and Jerk (165/115 lbs)

Between each set:
200m Row

WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

when it comes to nailing the Clean and Jerk, it’s all about keeping your form in check. Keep that core strong, your back straight, and really put those hips and legs to work for that powerful lift. We don’t want you burning out, so pace yourself.

Now, when you hit the rower for that 200-meter sprint, remember to row smart. Push off with your legs, give your hips a little swing, and pull with your arms. Find that rhythm and stick to it.

Time’s ticking, so make those transitions snappy. As soon as you wrap up those clean jerks, hustle over to the rower, and start pulling. Each second counts.

Breathing is a game-changer. Keep it controlled and rhythmic to manage that heart rate. Breathe in during the easy parts and exhale when it gets tough.

As the ladder gets taller, be wise about breaking up those clean and jerks. Try going unbroken in the early rounds (1-5), but once you hit the big numbers (6-10), consider smaller sets like 3-3-2-2. That way, you’ll keep your pace and avoid burning out.

You got this!


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