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Gnarly Interval Sprints

Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Box Jumps 

5 Rounds For Time

20/16 Cal Row

rest 2:00 between each round


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Are you ready? As this is going to get tasty. Think of this workout as 5 sprints with 2 minutes rest in between each sprint. The cal row should take you 1:00/1:30 minutes to complete and a further minute to complete the burpee box jump overs (BBJO). With a total active time of 2:00/2:30 minutes and with 2 minutes rest, you’re looking to be having equal rest to working time. This is perfect interval sprint practice.

You’re looking for your heart rate to return back to normal levels before you hit the ground running again. To key to practising this skill is your breathing. Even though you should be working at your max effort,  consistently breathing throughout the workout, and then taking in deep, long breaths in your rest, your heart will be able to recover more quickly. 


Box jumps maybe simple, but with practice, you can crush workouts with a few extra tips:

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