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Hold On

Written By Ben  |  Butterfly Pull-Ups 

4 Minute Window

500m Row
1 Set of UB C2B Pull Ups
Rest remainder of the window

x5 Rounds


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

At WODprep, we believe your time in the gym is for training. Yes, that’s right. You’d that’s pretty obvious, right? WRONG. It’s very tempting to start competing with the person next to you or that one person in the gym, that you just love to beat. But, when you do this, you stop training and you start competing, EVERY DAY. That’s exactly how burn out happens and progress goes to die.

So, why do I mention this? This workout is perfect for pushing those limits but ensuring you’re still training. The goal here is to stay consistent and be able to repeat the same score on every set. No max effort. No glory hunting. Just pure training. 

For the Chest to Bar Pull Ups, to aim is to stay in your kip and butterfly. What we don’t want to see are “dead hangs” like some caterpillar in a cocoon – that’s not what we meant by “Hold On!”. You’re looking to do NO more than 20 reps each set (even if you can do more). Keep the row pace hard, but repeatable so you can jump right onto the pull up bar. Finally – have fun! 


Butterfly Pull-ups Progression and Technique!

In this video I go over three simple progressions that I have used to help athletes develop their butterfly pull-up. Although it looks weird, the butterfly will allow you to complete more reps in a shorter amount of time compared to the traditional kipping or strict pull-up. Watch to find out how the butterfly technique differs from that of kipping; and how you can progress toward this tricky movement in 3 simple steps.

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