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For Time

30 for time Power Snatch @60%
rest 3:00

20 for time Power Snatch @70%
rest 3:00

10 for time Power Snatch @80%

*Use power snatch 1 RM for percentages

WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Here’s a rundown of a killer CrossFit workout to amp up your power snatch game!

We’re splitting this into three rounds. First off, you’ll nail 30 power snatches at 60% of your one-rep max. That’s all about form and laying the groundwork for the real challenge.

After a breather, round two hits: 20 snatches at 70% intensity. This time, push the pace while keeping that form pristine.

Another breather – 3 minutes to gather yourself. Then, it’s the final round, and it’s no joke. 10 power snatches at 80% intensity. This is where you test your limits and strength.

It’s all for time, so keep track of how fast you blaze through the entire thing.

Form is queen throughout. So, engage those hips, focus on technique, and breathe through it. This workout’s all about pushing boundaries while keeping your technique on point.

Feel awkward when barbell cycling? Check out our video below:

Are you new to Weightlifting for CrossFit? If so, you’ll want to check this out before going any further!

Weightlifting is an advanced skill and these tips will help you figure out the various lifts that are sure to crop up in your WODs sometime soon!

Want to get faster and more efficient in your barbell WODs?

5 Snatch Drills Every CrossFitter Should Master (free video tutorial!):

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