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Land and Air

Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Rope Climbs 

500-meter Row
5 Rope Climbs
400-meter Row
4 Rope Climbs
300-meter Row
3 Rope Climbs
200-meter Row
2 Rope Climbs
100-meter Row
1 Rope Climb


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

In the 500-meter row, start with a controlled pace, focusing on form and breathing. Afterward, tackle 5 rope climbs efficiently, possibly breaking them into smaller sets to conserve energy.

Then, proceed to the 400-meter row, maintaining a robust pace. Follow it up with 4 rope climbs, replicating your efficient technique.

With a slightly heightened intensity, conquer the 300-meter row. Three more rope climbs await you, demanding good technique and minimal rest. As you near the finish, accelerate in the 200-meter row.

Two rope climbs are next, to be executed swiftly. Lastly, give it your all in the 100-meter sprint row and finish with a quick final rope climb.


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Rope Climbs – How To Get Down:


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