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Written By Charleh Dickinson  |  Wall Walks 

1000m Row
20 Wall Walks
1000m Row


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Seems simple enough, right? Sometimes the best workouts are. Your shoulders will be lit up, and the rowing will make you feel gassed, and your core will be fatigued. A top tip is to drive more with the legs. If you engage your lats, keep your arms solid, then you’ll be able to focus on pushing through the middle of your foot to engage your legs in the row.

While it might seem straightforward, this is a great Open test. Mentally, you’ll need to push through, particularly you need to push the wall walks. But remember, if you’re consistently breathing and always moving – you’ll get a solid time.


Burning out on wall walks? Check out our video to get the BEST strategies:

Need help with nailing those RX workouts?


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