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Load Them Up

Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Weightlifting 

Front Squat
Establish a heavy 3RM in 12 minutes

@15 minute mark

10 minute AMRAP
500m Row
10 Clean and Jerks @50% of your 3RM


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

CrossFit is known its high volume of compound movements in a week’s training, and this is no exception. Hitting a Tuesday with some squats to get the glutes working before going straight into a 10 AMRAP.

A pro tip: on the front squats, film yourself squatting and compare how you move to the video below. Do you notice any differences? 

Need to get better at Front Squats?

In this front squat tutorial, I go over the fundamentals of the
#FrontSquat including grip, how to get into the front rack position, variations in stance, optimal torso position, and how to perform the movement itself.

I’ll also show you some common front squat mistakes as well as progressions for if you’re not quite ready for barbell front squats when it comes to mobility. These front squat progressions include using a “target” to squat to and using variations like kettlebell and dumbbell

Additionally, I’ll discuss the benefits of front squat and just how fundamental they are when it comes to your
#CrossFit performance.

If you have any questions at all about front squat topics discussed in this video, drop them in the comments below!


Where do I rest the bar in the front squat?

The bar will be resting on your shoulders in a rack position, and not supported by your wrists (as demoed in video).

What grip should I use for front squat?

The ideal front squat grip is a “full grip” which entails having a majority of the hand around the bar. The increase in surface area will help improve your control over the barbell and the stability of your rack position. If you have to start with using a few fingers, that’s okay, but work towards the “full grip” as you progress!

How do I front squat without hurting my wrists?

There are several front squat variations you can try to alleviate wrist pain (skip to 8:16 for them!). You can also try out dumbbell front squats and kettlebell front squats which are great options for working around wrist pain.

What are front squats good for?

Front squats, in my opinion, are essential for improving a plethora of other CrossFit movements such as Thrusters, Wall Balls — and the big one — Cleans!

If you work on your front squat, then you’ll likely see these other movements improve significantly.

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