Workout of the Day

Lucky Dip

For Time
10 to 1 Sandbag to Shoulder
@100-150 for men and 70-100 for women
Strict Ring Dips


WODprep Strategy Top Tips

Optimal Sandbag Selection

Carefully pick the sandbag weight, ensuring it’s both challenging and enables proper form during repetitions. Consider commencing with a lighter sandbag and progressively increasing its weight throughout the workout.

Strategic Rep Breaks

The sandbag-to-shoulder exercise demands effort. Divide the reps thoughtfully to preserve form and minimize fatigue. Experiment with breaking them into sets of 5 or 3 reps, incorporating brief rest periods.

Meticulous Ring Dip Technique

When performing ring dips, prioritize precise form. If you encounter difficulty, divide them into smaller sets but refrain from kipping. Maintain control during your descent and ascent to optimize results.


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