Workout of the Day

Open Gymnastics Test

15 Muscle Ups for time

rest 1:1

then BBJO
20 Crossover Single unders after each set


WODprep Strategy Top Tips

If you’ve been working on your ring muscle-ups recently, then this is a great test. Before starting this workout, write down how you’re going to break up the reps so that there’s no long pauses between sets. You want to time yourself how long it takes you to achieve all 15 sets, as you never know, you can always return to this workout in 6 months time and see how far you’ve progressed.

In typical Open style, just when you think 15 RMU x2 is enough, we’re going to play on that fatigue and see if you can hit an unusual movement in a workout. This workout is about breathing so that you don’t gass out and stop. Find a pace that you can keep moving through.


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