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5 Rounds for Time
3 Deadlifts (315lbs/225 lbs)
6 Deficit kipping Handstand Push-ups (3/2″)
9 Box Jumps (30ins/24 in)

(Time Cap: 8 minutes)


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

You’ll need a barbell loaded with weights. For the guys, we’re looking at 315 lbs, and for the ladies, it’s 225 lbs. Adjust the weight according to your strength and comfort level.

You’ll also need a deficit platform, which is 3 inches high for men and 2 inches high for women. Lastly, grab a box that’s 30 inches high for men or 24 inches high for women.

  1. Start with 3 Deadlifts: Approach the barbell with a solid stance, feet hip-width apart. Engage your core and lift that weight off the ground, maintaining good form. 

  2. Next up, it’s 6 Deficit Kipping Handstand Push-ups:  Keep your body straight and controlled as you lower your head towards the ground and push back up. Make sure your head touches the ground with each rep.

  3. Finally, we have 9 Box Jumps: Jump onto the box, making sure you fully extend your hips at the top. Once you’re up there, step back down gently. Repeat this explosive move 9 times.

Keep up the same sequence of movements for each round, pushing yourself to maintain a consistent pace and form.


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