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Written By CJ DePalma  |  Overhead Squats 

Overhead Squat;
5×3 (from the rack) building to a heavy triple

For Time;
50 OHS @75lbs/55lbs
50 Bar Facing Burpees
50 Deadlift
100 Double Unders
50 Shoulder to Overhead


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Oooo, today is going to be a BIG saturday. I hope you’re ready.

Before starting this workout, make sure you warm up your shoulders properly – they’re going to be taking a beating, so be ready.

Today’s high volume Metcon is the real test today. At 50 reps, and every part of your body being worked – the key to winning this workout to how you break it up. Aim for sets that will allow you to keep moving. The worse thing you can do is stop.



Need help with your overhead squat?

Overhead squat mobility for CrossFit can be crucial when mastering the movement. Check out our 3 favorite drills that can help you improve your overhead squat mobility, and get you more comfortable with heavier weight over your head.

Want to learn more?

Free shoulder mobility guide:

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