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Round, Round, I Get Around

Written By Ben  |  Chest to Bar 

28 Minute EMOM
Min 1: 10-15 C2B
Min 2: 2 Power Clean and Jerks
(building Each set form 60%)
Min 3: 75 Single Unders
Min 4: Rest


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Today we’re focusing on increasing your C2B volume and getting some useful practice in before the Open. Use the whole of minute 4 to recover, so you can keep focused on achieving C2B big sets.

The goal is to get into a smooth rhythm on the C2B. Our top tip is to concentrate on your legs, yes, your legs, and for your feet to always be in the same position when you’re in the hollow position. That way, when you drive your hips, your arms and shoulders will always be in the same place.

The clean and jerk combined with single unders will fry your forearms and lats but as long as you know that the last few rounds are going to be tough, you can get into the right mental attitude. It’s also a great opportunity to practice C2B under fatigue.

Remember, concentrate on good form on every movement. You’ll be kicking yourself when you get to the Open and get stupid no reps.


Are you getting stuck from getting your chest to the bar? Are you wanting to develop the strength to do chest to bar pull ups? In this video Coach Ben gives three simple drills to develop the strength you need to do chest to bar pull ups.


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