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Run the Walls

Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Wall Walks 

3 Rounds
1000m Run
15 Wall Walks


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

For this workout, we’re going to tackle 3 rounds of two tough exercises: a 1000-meter run and 15 wall walks. It may sound intimidating, but trust me, the feeling of accomplishment at the end will be worth every drop of sweat. So let’s break it down and get started!

First up, we have the 1000-meter run. Find a suitable route or use a treadmill if you prefer. Remember, this is a long-distance run, so don’t sprint out of the gate. Pace yourself, find a rhythm, and keep pushing forward.

Once you’ve finished your run, it’s time to transition into the next exercise: wall walks.  Stand with your back against the wall, place your hands on the ground, and start walking your feet up the wall, keeping your body in a straight line. Walk as high as you can comfortably go, then carefully walk your hands back out until you’re in a plank position.

Push yourself to keep going, even when your body wants to quit. Remember why you started this workout in the first place and use that as motivation to finish strong.


Burning out on wall walks? Check out our video to get the BEST strategies:

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